Fangocrema Guam mud refreshing cream review

Hello dear Beauticians!
Today I will talk about the cream Fangocrema guam and whether he coped with my task.

From the manufacturer: Helps to enhance water-fat metabolism, the outflow of excess fluid, the breakdown of fats and strengthen the skin. Application: apply to the skin of the buttocks and thighs with a driving tapping motion until completely absorbed 1-2 times a day. Active components: GUAM algae extract, phytoextracts of ivy, centella asiatica, white birch, horse chestnut, caffeine, menthol.
Here is what is written on the package itself:
My opinion: So, since childhood, I have a tendency to swelling in the legs, and over the years, swelling began to appear in the hips. If I understood my legs using special pharmacy products, then I noticed the problem of edematous cellulite recently, more precisely six months ago. I had a tight work schedule for a month, the working day was about 15 hours, I had 6 hours to sleep every day. Of course, for such a short time of rest, my body did not recover and in the morning I woke up already some puffy in the field of priests. And of course, from sedentary work and from the fact that the skin was stretched from edema, stretch marks appeared. I was in shock. Most recently, I found out that I have to work again in such a schedule and decided that something needs to be done. A couple of hours were allotted for the search for funds, so I had to take what was presented in the store could solve the problem. When I went to the IDB closest to the house, I chose this cream because I was attracted by the words edematous cellulite and drainage.
Task: Eliminate or reduce the manifestation of puffiness in the hips and priests, eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, and, if possible, help in the fight against cellulite.
About the tool itself:
It felt like there was something between the cream and the gel, a light brownish-gray color (apparently due to algae and volcanic dust). It smells of algae, something mint, in general, the smell does not bother me. It is applied without problems, it cools a little, but not critical, you will not freeze in winter; but absorbed long enough, min. 15 the skin is moist, then wiped off the clothes. In minutes 15 you hold your hand over the places where the cream is applied, you feel the smoothness and the feeling of the film. This film remains until you wash it in the shower, stand in the shower, and even rinses off a little when rinsed. In general, a purely tactile sensation of smoothness is when this cream is applied.
Effect: Tested for a month, applied 2 times a day, morning and evening. After application, the skin becomes visually smoother, tactile sensations also have a pleasant smoothness. This remedy did not completely relieve me of puffiness, but the effect I noticed was better with it than without it. This film on the skin is like a kind of skeleton that prevents the pope from spreading like a melted jelly. After a long working day, the hips are not so deformed from edema, in the morning the silhouette of the body for 6 hours of sleep (for me it is very little) is completely restored. This tool works unequivocally, not perfectly, and he did not completely eliminate the problem, but he significantly reduced it. And stretch marks did not appear, but this is a very good indicator. As for getting rid of cellulite, no, he did not solve it, all the tubercles remained in place (but I did not expect this from him).
Conclusion: the remedy clearly works in terms of the outflow of excess fluid in the thighs and priests, carries out the drainage of tissues, prevents the manifestation of edematous cellulite. It will not solve the problem completely, but it will significantly reduce it. I’ll buy more and try other Guam products to drain my body.
Rating: 4+
Price: 1400 rub. and IDB
Duration of use: 1 month.
Thank you all for your attention, I’m Julia, please contact me as convenient.