Good powder and concealer

Good day to all!
I want to show you two products that, in my opinion, deserve attention. They were perfect for me to create an even complexion. At the beautician reviews about them have already been, but maybe it will be appropriate to repeat

1. Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 - Lightweight compact powder with antioxidants, shade 01 (Fair)

Manufacturer assures that the powder is non-comedogenic, does not contain fat, is sweat and moisture resistant and is suitable for all skin types.
My opinion: Looking ahead, I note that I like the powder. Firstly, it is lightweight and at the same time it masks well the redness and old specks from pimples, despite its very light shade, and then - secondly, it ideally suited me (pale like grebe) in color. In my normal state of pallor, this shade is tone on tone. Thirdly, it mattifies well (combination skin), it does not emphasize pores. The only negative - if the skin is dry and there is peeling, then it will emphasize them.
Packaging: a plastic box of malachite color, small and slightly flimsy, two compartments - the upper powder + mirror, the lower - the brush, in principle, not bad, but I prefer to use a sponge for a higher density coating.

Texture: the powder is very delicate, silky, finely ground, slightly dry in consistency.
Hue: shade 01 is very light, with a yellow undertone, but the photo below is transmitted as accurately as possible in sunlight, in the photo on the face the shade is accurately transmitted in cloudy daylight.

The photo below shows that the powder is invisible on the skin of the hand. On the face lies a little differently, the photos on the face will be lower.

Application: lays well on foundation or on bare skin, is applied evenly, smoothes pores well, doesn’t underline hairs on the face, hides small redness and irregularities well. But - peeling emphasizes due to its dry texture, it seems to me.
Facial behavior: It is a good matte, I need to correct makeup (combination skin) 6 hours after application. It disappears from the cheeks in the evening, but I often propose my face with my hands. It may "collect" below the corners of the lips on the chin, if you overdo it with the application.
It does not provoke new inflammations; it does not cause irritation and other discomforts.
Profitability:for 3.5 months daily use is almost over.
Test period: 3.5 months
Cost: 30 euro
Rating: 5
2. M · A · C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer - Concealer M · A · C Studio Finish with SPF 35, shade NC15, 7g

Manufacturer promises that this lightweight cream concealer with a matte finish will provide good coverage of any imperfections in the skin (as well as tattoos), moisturizing and protecting from the sun.
My opinion: a very good concealer (or corrector?), it hides everything that needs to be hidden, is quite resistant, does not dry my skin, an elegant choice of shades. Personally, I’m uncomfortable using it to mask circles under the eyes - somehow it’s not very there and is heavy for my thin skin.
Packaging: in the style of MAS, a plastic miniature box, very well saves space in a cosmetic bag.
Texture: creamy, oily to the touch, nicely lays on the skin (except for the area around the eyes).
Hue:the lightest in the line with a yellow undertone. It is most correctly transferred to a photo on a hand.
The finish: matte.
Application: I put it with my finger (even the MAC consultant advised me, although I wanted to buy a brush for the concealer from them as well), of course, it’s inconvenient to use your finger to go directly into the jar and constantly process the hands with the sanitizer, but what to do. A very small amount of funds is needed, the concealer itself seems to be crammed with pigment to the limit. It is easily distributed in a very thin and weightless layer, disguises it as "excellent", if it is especially necessary, it can be layered.

Facial behavior: I repeat - it perfectly masks acne, post-acne, rosacea, etc. It is not lubricated when applying powder / blush on top of it. Holds all day. Strong peeling emphasizes, but uncritically, in my opinion. Does not dry.
The only thing - for the area around the eyes, everything is exactly the opposite - it lays heavily, rolls up, dries a little and creates the feeling that there is 3 kg of makeup on the eyes.
It does not cause irritation and does not provoke the appearance of new comedones.
Profitability: very economical (how much product was used for 3 months of daily use can be seen in the photo above).
Test period: 3 months
Cost: 22 euro
Rating: 5+ (except for the area around the eyes)
Well, now the photo on the face. By the way, the lighting in the photo is the most treacherous - the cloudy gray autumn is on the street, so the skin is more earthy than it actually is, but all the imperfections are brighter and the effect of the above means is more obvious and plausible.
To begin with - bare skin: very pigmented skin around the eyes, a "cold-red-flaky" nose, beauty on the chin.

Plus M · A · C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer under the eyes, on the wings of the nose and under the nose, on the pimple on the chin. Here, in my opinion, it is clear why this product is not suitable for the skin around the eyes: the texture of the skin under the eye somehow stands out and a feeling of heaviness is created.

Plus Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15
On the macro you can see that peeling at the nose is underlined, but in the photo below (without macro mode) it is not so striking as in life.

And here, as they say, the effect is obvious:

Bottom line: I am satisfied with both means and often I just need them to create an even complexion.

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