Autumn purple

Good day! I want to bring to your attention my two new favorites, I ask for a cut)

As you can see from the title photo, I could not choose between two similar ones) So, let's begin)
Full name of varnish: L'oreal Color Riche Divine Indigo 609

Detailed opinion: I liked the varnish, the texture is something in between, not liquid, not thick, just right. It is easy to apply. The first layer, of course, strips, but the second covers all the flaws of the first. It dries pretty quickly. After the purchase, I ran home and immediately painted on my “bare” nail, after which I had to cut off all the yellowness. Therefore, I always apply it on 2 layers of Orly Ridgefiller. The only negative is the brush. It is wide, beveled and not very comfortable.

Price: 250 rub
Rating:5- (per brush)
Full name of varnish: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color Purple Potion 26

Detailed opinion: I have a biased attitude towards Sally Hansen. A year ago there were several unsuccessful samples. Anyway. I liked this varnish, it is not difficult to apply. One layer is not enough, and two just right. The brush is ordinary, flat, thin. It dries a little, if painted for the night, in the morning prints from linen may remain. Therefore, I paint in the morning or afternoon and with drying Orly In e Snap. Be sure to put the base.

Price: 90 rub.
I am Veronica)

Watch the video: Purple Ash Tree in Autumn (January 2020).