Laura Mercier Lip Glace Reviews

Hello! recently bought a lip kit of different brands assembled in one box. A good way to get to know new brands and textures for a small price! I bought it because there were two products in the kit that I already thought of buying.

Exterior - cardboard box with ties)
And inside the following products (description from the site of Sephora):
- 2.2 grams Fresh Sugar Rosé 'Tinted Lip Treatment (transparent berry pink) - a hygienic lipstick with a shade
- 3.5 grams of Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Child (transparent nude) - shine
- 2.72 grams of Bite Beauty Lip Shine in Vintage (translucent mauve)
- 2.8 grams of Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Doll (delicate pink shimmer) - shine
- 3 grams of Tarte LipSurgence ™ Natural Matte Lip Tint in Hope (warm rose) - tint
- 15 ml Sephora Collection Glossy Gloss in Precious Pink (very transparent pink with a rainbow shimmer) - shine
The set contains two products in full size - Tart tint and Sephora shine (monstrous size 15 ml :), all other products are miniatures, which completely suits me, because for my life I have never once finished off lipstick or shine (hygiene does not count).

I’ll immediately warn you that I won’t write about these two products because I already have Sugar Rose. I wrote about her in this post. I won’t open Sephora’s brilliance either because I won’t use such brilliance. This is a simple transparent greasy shine, I have such a lot, plus it is endless. It’s better to give them in good hands, to those to whom they are more useful.
All shades are everyday, almost nude. To see the difference, take a look at the swatch on your hand. from left to right Byte, Laura Mercier, Auerglas, Tarte

Full product name in English: Bite Beauty Lip Shine in Vintage
I saw Mark Byte in Sephora, but I never showed interest. It always seemed to me that the brand appeared in the wake of a craze for shiny vampires and other bloody paraphernalia in order to take the last money from the girls of Paterson fans :) It turned out that Byte was named for another reason, it has nothing to do with vampires, because in the products (and there are only products for the lips) natural ingredients and food colors were used, as well as some personal antioxidant of their own - "all this makes Byte products so delicious that you want to eat them."

The gloss is quite dense, the surface is very glossy, although I don’t apply much, it’s a bit sticky for my taste. He has a color, quite noticeable, but since the color of this gloss is similar to my pigment, the feeling that the gloss is just transparent. It smells like sweets, no taste. It lasts a little longer than usual shine, lasts for several hours (probably, therefore, so sticky). In general, a good shine, but nothing special, I'm not a fan of such.

Price of the full version:$23
Rating: 4 for some stickiness
Full product name in English: Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Doll

Non-sticky pink shine, in appearance it is difficult to distinguish from the previous one, if only by the presence of spangles if you look closely. The resistance is standard - an hour and a half, the smell of candy taste is not. Almost no color, light pink.

Price of the full version:$26
Rating: 5
Full product name in English: Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Child

She had high hopes for this brilliance; Child's shade was one of the candidates for the purchase. Therefore, as soon as I saw that he was in the set, I immediately grabbed it. Shine of a pleasant consistency, moisturizes lips ... but just from all this sense if it lies on lips like that. I don’t know what I expected, such colors in glitters rarely happen. They are successful, they will certainly flow into folds. Anyway, it looks horrible :) Well, nothing ... I will smear on beige lipstick. I must assure you, the brilliance of this Hourglass series, I tried, they are awesome. I will certainly buy a different shade. Well, at least I didn’t buy the full version of Child

Price of the full version:$33
Rating: 3
Full product name in English: Tarte LipSurgence ™ Natural Matte Lip Tint in Hope
But this is my favorite in the set! Firstly, the variety, and even from these nudes in the set is already rippling in my eyes, there is a darker berry shade and my favorite matte texture. The smell is minty, quite strong, it tingles a little on the lips (maybe this is some kind of lip augmentation effect?), At the finish the fondant resembles Chanel Allure Velvet. After a few hours, the lips remain pinkish. Does not really dry lips, within reasonable limits.

Price of the full version:$31
Rating: 5
The cost of a set of $ 30 is in my opinion a good deal. All shades are calm from the category of "when you do not know how to put on makeup." Most of all, Milt Tart, dear to me, can still buy some from this cohort, but I probably will not finish this one either.

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