Number one. Rio nail enamel 01

Good day to all!
For a long time I did not talk about my impressions. Today I will correct myself and tell you about the wonderful varnish Rio nail enamel 01.

I ask for a cut

Let's get started! This summer, as usual, I left for the session. And so, instead of studying, I did not climb out of cosmetics stores, looking for something interesting that was not in my hometown. And I found! These were the Rio varnishes. It was here, at the Beautician, that I first found out about them. Naturally, as soon as I saw them, and even at such a ridiculous price, I grabbed eight at once. My husband laughed at me and said that I would need a separate suitcase for varnishes when I go home
Arriving home, I began to actively use these varnishes. But Rio 01 somehow did not cling to me with its appearance in the bottle and I tried it the very last ... How wrong I was about him! He turned out to be beautiful!
Let's see!

This is such a light beige ... maybe somewhere a slightly grayish cream with a golden shimmer.

The brush in my opinion is quite comfortable

The first layer of varnish lays down baldly, and I don’t expect miracles, since I always do not put less than two layers.
We look:

But the second layer changes the picture!

In this photo, he is the way I see him, that is, closest to reality:

In my opinion a very delicate shade! The first layer dries about 15 minutes. The second is a little longer. Holds on my nails for at least 3 days. I usually don’t go with one varnish longer
My rating: only 5
Price: approximately 30 rubles
Thanks for attention!
I am Natalia, you are with me

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