Results of August. Lips

I guess I'm just tired of writing about varnishes ...
Today I want to introduce you to three tools that I constantly used in August - and I will certainly continue to use them in the fall.
It will be about:
Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipsick
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl
Calvin Klein Sheer Plumping Gloss

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipsick No. PCCL11 Crystal Coral
I needed a fondant, quite neutral, and at the same time suitable for peach blush and all similar gamut. I did not pursue this purchase, but I had to grab at least something on the way back from vacation in the meager dutik of Phuket :) in general, I chose it on the basis of what was - and, surprisingly, I was pleased with it.

Detailed opinion: For me, she was a bit dry. That is, if the lips are not perfect (weathered, for example, or peeling), then it will not only not moisturize, but will not lie evenly. I do not chase moisturizing from lipsticks except Dior Serum, so I use it either on a little girl or on a balm from Nyuks, which is quite a good tandem, in my opinion. Her color is quite pleasant - peach-coral, in the first photo (stick) you can see the microsimmer, which is almost invisible on the lips, lipstick simply gives such a common pearlescent effect. It does not roll down, gradually absorbed into the lips, leaving a light shade. Fondant may well qualify for the title "peach nude." Here's how she looks on her lips:

And the general half-look on the face:
Rating: 5
Price: 850 baht (and therefore rubles) in Phuket's dutik
2. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl No. 576 Rose Sari
I grabbed this shine on the principle of “pink shine never happens”. I know that many people have the same principle. Universal tone, beautiful packaging, what else is needed for happiness?

Detailed opinion: Plain good gloss. I can’t sing the praises of the usual brilliance, sorry. It has a good density, it is not sticky at all, it smells nice, does not roll. Persistence on me for about 2 hours, probably. Beautiful color - bright pink, with the departure of coral, shimmer - the smallest, silver, sparkles only in the sun or under electric light. In the photo on the lips it may seem that it is flowing into folds, but this is “macro”, in life it is completely invisible.

General image with him:
Rating: 5
Price: 900 THB (same amount of rubles) in Phuket DF
3. Calvin Klein Sheer Plumping Gloss # 32211 bloom
This brilliance is known to us as a “gift horse”, which, as usual, is not looked at. That is what one of the users of Beauticians called him when she wrote about him. This shine got me absolutely free when ordering from Strawberries in the spring, but was lying around idle all this time.

In general, the usual mass-market gloss, barely pink, dense, stickiness - 4 out of 5 points. I immediately had an association with the sparkles of the Bourgeois, which I used back in school. Due to this stickiness, it sits very well and tightly on the lips for two hours. I use it mainly in the evenings when I go for a walk or a run - without a makeup bag with me. I know that for two (or even more) hours he will hold out and his lips will not wind up. It may well be, but I’m unlikely to buy it on purpose.

I will say right away that the color was also chosen at random, as far as you can choose from the small image in the monitor. It seems to be without surprises. But at the end of the sock it rolls down, it can lie in a white stripe, so it needs an eye and an eye behind it. Here it is three hours later:
Semi-image with him:
General view, nothing special:
Rating: 3
Price: present
These products were with me in August.
Thanks to everyone who read to the end.
Regards, Lena.

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