OPI Nail Lacquer Reviews

Hello girls!
It's me again and I'm with OPI again
This time we will talk about varnish from the design collection of the brand.
Interested please under cat.

In fact, I cannot call myself a big fan of holographics. Yes, I only have one, exactly the one that will be discussed in this post. Well, maybe just about the holographic My Private Jet
This varnish fell into my collection quite by accident, I did not buy it purposefully, but the spontaneous purchase turned out to be very pleasant for verification.
During the sale, not finding the interesting shades from OPI missing in my collection, I was already completely desperate, but I did not want to leave empty-handed, so I grabbed this varnish from the shelf. So in my collection, after many years, holographic appeared again.
Full name of varnish: OPI Designer series Reserve DS027
Detailed opinion:
The manufacturer positions the designer collection as outstanding because it combines couture and high technology. All high technologies, as I understand it, are in the innovative patented ProWide brush. It is really wider than the standard OPI brush, and it should be recognized that it is really extremely convenient to apply varnish to it.
Here is her photo compared to the standard OPI brush
The consistency of the varnish is quite liquid. Base - dusted pink with a scattering of "diamond dust" of various colors, which create the same holographic effect. The manufacturer calls it vintage pink, and I like that name.
The varnish is dense enough to be worn in 2 familiar layers.
It is worn with top-drying without problems for 5-7 days, however, my nails are not an indicator for the resistance of varnishes, because they basically stick to me pretty tolerably.
Well, of course, the varnish is created for the bright sun, in the rays of which it will show its true beauty in full!
Therefore, from words to action, or rather, to swatch.
In the shadow

Well, and of course, the most beauty - in the sun and with a flash

Price: I got on sale for $ 5.5
Rating: solid 5
Thanks for attention.
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