Manicure correction

So, the promised post on how to fix manicure errors, get rid of bubbles and traces of bedding.

We will need:
- imperfect manicure
- nail polish remover
- cotton wool
- toothpicks
- buff
- top
I will show that we will correct ...
We see bubbles, hair prints and a messy hole drawn.
The first thing we will do is wait for the varnish to dry completely. This is necessary, otherwise the buff will take the varnish to the side.
As soon as we are convinced that the varnish is dry, we take a buff and grind all the bumps from the surface:

Then we take a toothpick, wrap a small piece of cotton wool on it, dip it into the IDL and erase the errors. In order to draw a perfectly smooth oval, I rest the toothpick on the cuticle and move along it.

And the last: we cover the nails with the top. There is a rule - the rougher the buff, the deeper the furrow it leaves, the thicker and denser the top should be.

That's all. This, of course, is simply primitive, but I decided on a separate post so that the advice would not be buried among the comments. I hope it was useful :) Your D.

Watch the video: How to Correct a Fanned Nail with Natural Acrylic Overlay - Naio Nails Tutorial manicure transparent (January 2020).