Helena Rubinstein Wanted Eyes Palette Eye Shadows Quartet Reviews

Hello girls!
Today I want to talk about one of my favorites: Helena Rubinstein eye shadow palette - Wanted Eyes Palette # 03 - Starlight mauve.

In the catalog Beauticians
Detailed view:
The palette has 4 shades in lilac / violet tones.
1. The lightest shade in the photo could not be captured as it should ((the shadows were generally difficult to shoot, so it’s better to evaluate them “live” anyway. This shade is pale lilac, almost white with a very small lilac shimmer. Under certain lighting conditions a little neon, very beautiful ebb.
2. Above the light, there is a very interesting comrade shade: dusty lilac with a golden shimmer. But if the lilac and gold in Vanites from Chanel looks like small spangles when applied, then here it’s like golden mother of pearl, so to speak
3. Further the shade is dusty pink. Beautiful, but from the whole palette only I don’t wear solo.
4. And finally the darkest shade. Purple with sparkles. The most loose. When applied, the sparkles fall off. I can’t put it on my eyelids so that it looks like in a palette. But I'm not offended by it.
Shadows are easy to apply. They are perfectly stewed. On the base, of course, brighter and richer than without it. Without the base, you can completely create a translucent make-up. Sometimes I put the darkest shade on a pencil substrate (pencil Letual Metallic 208 - black and blue). You can apply shadows in a wet way, but then you can’t shade the borders with anything: it’s like drawing with a felt-tip pen, which also does not upset me at all. because extremely rarely use wet technology in general.
Are you looking?
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Included is a good double-sided applicator and brush (good for blending borders, despite the small size; it would have a pen that was more authentic and had no price)
Swatch on hand. Vertical: shadows on the base and without. Horizontally: from above - Letual pencil, from below - the darkest shade on the substrate from this pencil.

And now in makeup

I don’t remember exactly. 2 years ago, about 3,000 before the discount. I remember that they cost more than 5-ok Dior.
Test period:
About 2 years
Thank you all for your attention!
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