Cozy autumn. Essie # 90 Dive Bar

Good day, beauties. :)
My varicose syndrome has perhaps reached its climax. Now I buy tons of varnishes of such textures that I would not have allowed myself before - glitters, metallics, shimmers ... And one of such acquisitions (perhaps the most favorite) was varnish Essie # 90 Dive Bar, my second, but not the last representative of the Essy family.
I already have in my collection the turquoise mint Turquoise & caicos, which, in principle, made me very happy with the quality, so I decided to take something from a more classic range for myself. I went for the dupe of Chanel's Rouge Noir - Wicked. But, of course, he was not in the store. However, my gaze fell on this chameleon bubble, and I realized that I could not help but take it. So in my life the first chameleon varnish appeared.
In the bottle, the varnish is poured somewhat gasoline, or something. It is green, and purple, and blue. He is ... different. But from this no less beautiful in its essence. On the nails, it is more manifesting itself as an emerald on a black base - insanely noble, "expensive" color. But still, if you look at it from a certain angle, it gives out the nails of that very chameleon. I took a picture of him, perhaps, in all places of the apartment, in order to catch subtle overflows with a camera. And it seems to me that at least a little, but succeeded. :) But still it’s hard to shoot it, and that’s a fact.

About the technical characteristics: everyone probably knows the brush - it is quite wide, as, for example, the Rimmel varnish brush, but slightly less flat. The varnish lays down quite tightly from the first layer, but it streaks a bit, so you should apply a standard second layer. When applied too thick layers begins to bubble. This jamb is just shown in the photo, but it's worth getting used to, and this problem disappears.
I have two layers of foundation (UE reinforcer, because I decided to grow my nails for the first time in my life) two layers of Dive Bar, covered with top-dryer (Eva "Mirror Shine") last about 4 days, and then the tips are erased a little. This is a good result for me. Subsequently, it is erased quite easily, despite the shimmering; it does not stain the nail plate and the skin around it.

The color is amazing, eye-catching, making hands visually ... stricter, or something. Visually lengthens the nail. Yes, and keeps up well, so ...
Rating: 5
Price: 290 rubles.