Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer Reviews

Good day to all!
Today I want to show you some completely random purchases that turned out to be unexpectedly pleasant.
I beg!

A little background:
So, a few days ago, I decided to raid the source of Essie and Dance Legend, which was quite rare in our city, which I quite accidentally found. But I was not lucky - the last delivery was long ago, and the range was not at all pleasing. Almost at the exit, I remembered that in all prof. where I’m going, I’m trying to find a doter. And this attempt was successful! The cherished wand lay on the window. The consultant, by the way, did not even know what it was, so I had to poke a finger ...
The way home ran past the local clothing market, and my attention was attracted by a tent on the very edge, teeming with a wide variety of varnishes. The seller, a cheerful man well in his 50s, turned out to be more savvy than most of the cosmetic shop consultants I came across. He quickly stated that he had everything he could need - glossy, matte, glitter, magnetic, thermo, with a thin brush for drawing, with a wide “like rimmel” ... As a result, I was seduced by two Golden Rose varnishes, like again with a wide brush. It was necessary to choose from about 20 shades, mostly bright, almost neon. (By the way, the man turned out to be savvy and in terms of the choice of colors - strongly recommended mint). He said that the series is fresh, the brush is comfortable, and the varnish lays down in two layers perfectly. I chose the most calm, probably shades. And as a gift I also received strips for a jacket, and although I almost never do it, it was still nice  
Here are my purchases:
Here are their brushes compared to the familiarly wide Rimmel LycraPro and the more classic MaxFactor:
And now about each in more detail:
Golden Rose Rich Color 05
Pleasant beige, very calm shade. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. The manufacturer promises that one layer is quite enough, but this, of course, is a big exaggeration:
Having imposed the first layer, I was disappointed - the varnish was very striped and lay somehow uneven. Although the brush, indeed, is much more convenient than the classic. I thought the second layer would have the same problems. The first layer dried quickly enough in a couple of minutes. She inflicted a second - and the picture changed. I liked the result, but it had to be dried for at least 10 minutes. Here is the result with a jacket made using the second acquisition:

In the end, I can say that the acquisition was useful, but I really like the shade. But patience is required for application, time for drying.
Price: 50 rubles
Rating: 4- for the painful drying process
Golden Rose Rich Color 15
The second varnish - a soft blue hue - exactly repeated all the problems of beige with the application. In one layer lies just horror like:
But in two everything is much more fun:

It seemed to me that it dries a little more lively, but maybe this is self-hypnosis, since the shade is very, very good to me. Regarding stamina -
after two days, almost always wash, this period under the coating of smart enamel varnish lived well.
Price: 50 rubles
Rating: 4
Then the Doter launched into the matter:
The points were scattered using the same beige Golden Rose Rich Color 05 and Rimmel 260 Funtime Fuschia. At the very tip of the nail - the thicker side of the doter, then the thin one. It turned out like this:

After some thought, I decided to add another shade:

In my opinion, blue was already superfluous, I like the option with two-color dots more. And you?
In general, I’m not sure that I will buy more varnish from this collection - unless there will be a very successful shade, then flour with drying could be considered justified. But these two newcomers are very happy  
Thanks for reading. I hope it was interesting.
p. s. Nastya. And to me it’s better for you, but - as you prefer)

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