Bark Reviews

Good evening) Today I will tell you about my favorite and well-known brand here - this is cosmetics "CORA".

Have I been using "bark" continuously for a couple of years? and until there was a desire to exchange it for something else. This makeup suits me completely, I think its quality is much higher than the price) My skin is oily, enlarged pores, and all the problems that arise from it. Have I tried many products of this brand (appropriate to my skin type)? and no complaints). To date, I have been:

Bark Cream to restore elasticity of the skin of the face and neck with the effect of Botox.


Matrixyl ™ 3000 complex, betaine, hyaluronic acid, palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat proteins, carrots, ginger.

Detailed opinion:

I used the cream as an evening care. I never did Botox injections, but I liked the effect of the cream). It is not oily, easily distributed, quickly absorbed, in the morning the face does not shine like a pancake, the skin is firm and taut - there is a lifting effect - for sure, the face is fresh, it feels smooth. Mimic wrinkles in the eye-became less pronounced. This is my fourth or fifth jar already, I will definitely buy more. I didn’t “disclose” it, because I have it just a little bit left, and it looks like an ordinary cream - white, not very thick, not very liquid. All products of this brand have a slightly "medical" smell. Volume 50ml.

Price-570r.Grade 5.

Bark Cream matrix with collagen and elastin.


si-matrix (pf), collagen, elastin, betaine, olive oil, coconut, soybean, botanical complex for skin elasticity: horsetail, centella asiatica, cinquefoil, ivy.

Detailed opinion:

This comrade I buy to replace the previous one). It’s also evening care, the cream is more “liquid” in texture, it is absorbed instantly, does not leave any greasy or oily film, you do not need to remove excess with a napkin, it is very economical. In the morning the skin looks rested and toned. I want to believe that, as the manufacturer promises - it slows down the aging process of the skin). The first cream, it seems to me, is more of a lift, and this one is more of food. By the way, I did not immediately notice the effectiveness of these two products - at first it seemed that they were just pleasant creams: the skin takes them well, they do not cause irritations and rashes, they do not add a greasy shine. I felt the difference when I went on vacation without them ...) That's how he looks in the bank, the volume is 50 ml.


Grade 5.

Bark Cream-scrub for the face with a polishing effect.


fine fractions of silicon dioxide, sea pearls, soybean oil, lemon balm, chamomile, calendula, allantoin.

Detailed opinion:

My favorite) Cleans the skin well of greasiness, impurities, really polishes, the skin is smooth after it, silky and fresh. According to the manufacturer - used as an abrasive silica - a component of natural origin, providing an excellent exfoliating effect - I willingly believe it). The scrub is not aggressive - it has moisturizing and regenerating properties. Slowing the appearance of premature wrinkles is also claimed. Apply to clean, damp skin, after 10 minutes, massage with wet fingers and rinse. For oily skin, use 4 times a month (I even polish more often), and for dry skin 2 times a month. The volume is already 100ml.

Price-370 rub.

In the jar, it is a little yellowish-grayish:

Grade 5.

After this scrub, I like to use this mask:

Bark Cream mask for problematic skin with a regenerating and pore-tightening effect


sulfoconcentrol, zinc oxide, white clay (kaolin), chamomile, sage, calendula, allantoin.

Detailed opinion:

The mask is intended for oily skin, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, prevents the formation of acne and blackheads, reduces oily sheen. The manufacturer promises cleansing and narrowing of the pores, as for narrowing - I do not know, with cleansing - I agree. There is zinc oxide - an astringent, brightening, protective effect. The mask is applied to slightly damp skin - you can wash it off after 15 minutes, or you can keep it on your face for up to 6 hours. If I do not need to leave the house anywhere - I "wear" it all day, it is completely absorbed and completely invisible on the face. Reminds me of a Korean serum - Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum, only this mask can not be applied under makeup) The skin after it is clean, soft and moisturized. The volume is also 100ml.


The mask in this jar is of such a grayish color:

Grade 5

For the summer I bought this cream:

Bark Sunscreen for face and body high protection SPF 30.


light-resistant filters, extracts of sage, mountain ash, hawthorn.

Detailed opinion:

I liked this cream primarily because it is completely invisible on the skin. I didn’t add greasy shine in the heat, it was instantly absorbed, quite dense in texture, but absorbed without a trace, it felt lightweight. It protects well from the sun - if it was unevenly applied - the clear boundaries of tanning with cream and without were visible. Also, the manufacturer declared nutrition, mitigation and slowing down of aging) It is very economical - we have already rained - and I have more than half the tube left). Volume is 150 ml.


Here is such a plump, white color:

Grade 5.

And of course, I love the exfoliant with fruit acids, which is known to many people, I don’t have it now because it's summer) Thanks to everyone who has mastered the post, I hope it was useful to you).

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