Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Reviews

Recently I visited my friend in Prague and, naturally, on my way back to the airport I went to Duty Free (our Samara is not very attractive to me). My attention has fallen on a set of glosses from Estee Lauder. As a lover of shine, I could not pass by and acquired one set.

The full name of the gloss Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive.
In a set of 5 shades: Sugar Rush 44 (sparkle), Electric Ginger 03 (shimmer), Racy Raspberry 30 (shimmer), Rock Candy 09 (shimmer), Impulsive Coral 20 (shimmer).
Unfortunately, immediately after the purchase, it was not possible to make a review, and therefore 2 shines went as gifts to my sister and girlfriend, so I am writing a review on the remaining three shades: Sugar Rush 44 (sparkle), Rock Candy 09 (shimmer), Impulsive Coral 20 (shimmer).
From the manufacturer: Pure Color LipGloss. Gives lips a comfortable moisture and radiance, makes them voluminous, sensual and irresistible. The color scheme of sustainable colors with three effects: glossy finish, intense shine, ultra shine.
Sparkling, intense, lasting shine. Unique True Vision ™ technology converts regular color to an unusual color, covering the pigment with a faceted shell that enhances shine and radiance.
Improves lip skin condition. Provides long-term hydration. With regular use, the skin of the lips looks smoother and more elastic. A rich moisturizing formula with antioxidants and conditioners (vitamins C and E).
A color palette of shades with three different effects: Glossy: very intense shine. Intense Shine: Shining shades create a soft flicker effect. Ultra shine: vibrant colors combine intense shine and sparkling volume.
My opinion: Glosses liked the texture, perfectly fit, do not roll, persistent. Glosses are sticky, which adds durability to them, and frankly, I love sticky glosses more, so they are ideal for me. In principle, the gloss is the same in color, the only difference in them is glitter, or low tide. I wear shine both separately and on top of any lipstick. Now I will show you how they look in life and on the lips.
1.Sugar Rush 44 (sparkle), 2.Rock Candy 09 (shimmer), 3.Impulsive Coral 20 (shimmer).
Swatch on hand:
Bare lips
1.Sugar Rush 44 (sparkle)

2.Rock Candy 09 (shimmer)

3.Impulsive Coral 20 (shimmer).

And finally, a general view (on the lips of Rock Candy - the most beloved of the trio)

Set Price: 35 euro
Rating: 5+++
Test period: 3 weeks.

Watch the video: Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss (January 2020).