My konad samples

Good day to all!
Today, having erased the recent Batman from her fingernails, she finally decided to take up the development of the Konad kit, which I have been idle for more than six months after a couple of unsuccessful attempts. How it was and what came of it - I'll tell you inside)

In my experiment participated:
1. Matte Essence Matt top coat
2. Drying Sec'n Dry by Orly
3. Varnish Rimmel 053 Apricot Punch
4. Varnish Don't Mess with OPI by OPI
5. Drive Konad M60
6. Waste plastic card
7. Stamp Konad
Having seen some time ago on the Konad network, I caught fire - I want to! I ordered 4 discs for testing, a stamp and two varnishes - black and white. After spending a couple of hours over endless make-up-erasing-stamping, I dropped my hands - the picture did not come out as it should. I watched a video, a photo and thought - well, how, how does it turn out? As a result, I abandoned the toy, without having done a single decent manicure. But today I decided - I have to master it!
I had an idea - if I don’t get a clear picture with bright, contrasting varnishes, I will start with pale, training patterns in which defects will be less noticeable. That is, I will make them varnishes that are similar in shades. Or in general - one and the same) How is it? That's how)
I generally like matte varnishes, and even more I liked the combination of matte and glossy varnishes in one manicure. And I decided to do this:
1. Inflicted your favorite Don't Mess with OPI
2. Then applied a matte finish Essence Matt top coat
3. Then she began to experiment with Konad seals made by the same OPI, only glossy. I think many are familiar with the procedure, but just in case:
Step 1 - paint the image you like on the disk with colored varnish. The manufacturer advises taking their branded varnishes, they are denser and brighter colors, but with them I did not succeed. So any other varnish is quite suitable (but it may look pale). In this case, this is what I need.
Step 2 - Using a special scraper (or a plastic card for lack thereof) we remove excess varnish with one sharp and quick movement. By an experimental thorny path, I found out the pressure force that is optimal for this varnish - if you press it too weakly - the pattern will print with spots, too much - it will not be visible at all.
Step 3 - transfer the resulting pattern to a special die, gently pressing it to the disk. This must be done as quickly as possible. And then - making sure that the picture printed well - on the nail.
In general, I spent a fair amount of time training in printing patterns. In general, the idea of ​​a matte-glossy pattern was embodied in me like this:I tried different patterns, some were easier to apply, some more difficult. But the horror is that not a single pattern was perfect - in such shades it is almost invisible, but if it were, say, bright white in any other color, it would be a failure. In the end, having spent a hundred cotton pads and a liter, probably liquid for removal, I decided - that's enough. I’m erasing it, painting it in color and going to cook dinner. Painted like this:
I did not have time to dry, as stubbornness took its toll - and I decided to try the final time. All the same green. And suddenly - everything (well, or almost everything) worked out! I don’t know, maybe I got my hand under a specific varnish, maybe under the process itself, I’ll find out with time. But everything printed very well)
A photo:

In the end, I hope I still made friends with the kit, otherwise the disks were idle for too long)
How about you? Who tried, who succeeded the first time? Should I develop the idea of ​​plain matte patterns?
And yet - a question for the residents of Krasnodar - tell me, please, where can we find a matte finish? This will soon come to an end, and the store in which I found it has already come. Thank you in advance.
p.s. Nastya. And to me, definitely, to you

Watch the video: Konad vs. Regular Nail Polish - Stamping Samples (January 2020).