Revitalizing Moisture for My Hair with "Bi Phase" by Periche Personal Finish

Good day cosmetic guru!
Today I want to share with you my impression of my favorite hair care product - Bi Phase Leave-In Nutritional Conditioner "Bi Phase" from a Spanish manufacturer of professional hair care cosmetics PERICHE PERSONAL FINISH
The photo:
First, I’ll tell you how the situation is with the condition of my hair.
I am a natural blonde who did not have the happiness of communicating with hair dyes. My hair is long, below the shoulder blades, thick, dry tips and slightly oily roots. With all this wealth, the structure of my hair is “porous”, that is, after washing my hair, I look like a lion - my hair is puffing in different directions and only one thing can help them - conditioner.
For quite some time I used the tool Bonacure BC Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner by Schwarzkopf Professional. But, once again coming to the store of professional hair cosmetics, I was advised to try a moisturizing conditioner, a previously unknown firm Periche personal finish
Well, let's take a closer look at my new thing.
From the manufacturer :
Appointment: Conditioner designed to strengthen weak hair.
Act: This is one of the gentle conditioners, which is enriched with high-quality herbal ingredients that moisturize and give shine to your hair. The two-phase nutritional conditioner contains natural components of rice germ and tangerine leaf oil, which carefully cares for your hair. This tool is a salvation for dry and damaged hair. Weakened hair will become strengthened and obedient. Moreover, air conditioning has a refreshing effect.
Composition: Components of rice germ, tangerine leaf oil, UV filters.
(I tried to photograph the composition from the package)

Application: Shake the bottle well to mix the two phases of the product. Apply to washed, towel-dried hair. Do not flush.
Detailed opinion:
The conditioner is a two-phase product, which when agitated becomes a bluish emulsion with a specific odor. I have special feelings for this specific smell - it is something moderately fresh, moderately spicy and for some reason I associate with the evening promenade of the southern resort ... My hair lasts a long time, but I still want to feel it stronger, therefore I periodically pshichat means unnecessarily, just to enjoy this aroma ...
As for the visible effect after application, the hair is transformed right before your eyes! They become soft, obedient, do not puff, gain a natural shine!
Photos before (hair washed with shampoo, moisturized conditioners, dried with a hairdryer):

Photo after applying the air conditioner:
In general, my hair is this life-giving elixir LOVE!
I presented this air conditioning to my sister's birthday - she and her husband are also very happy)
Price: 350 rub per volume of 120 ml. (500 ml maxi-bottle is also on sale.)
Test period: 7 months.

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