Care for young skin

So, I think that it’s time to take care of the proper care.
But bad luck, what to buy?
I am 19 years old, the skin seems to be combined (in the winter it is very dry on the cheeks, nose and forehead).
Now I use Lumene Arctic Aqua 24 cream in a jar (there is some kind of super hydration) and there is a green scrub from Body Shop with a tea tree. There is also some kind of homemade tonic from a cosmetologist, but I forgot something about it ...
Well, that’s all)
I would like for you, dear beauties, to help me compile on points what you need to have in your care (preferably already with certain products). And in what order to use it all)
Care can be advised by anyone, but I do not trust luxury facilities, I think that is expensive and stupid)
I got a warning here)
There are no skin problems, except for the sometimes subcutaneous tissue.
The price category is any perfect.
And another question came up, what kind of moisturizing face cream would you recommend to make your skin velvety-velvety?
My name is Maria, to me on "you";)

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