Givenchy Prisme Libre Air Sensation Loose Powder Quartet Reviews

I bought this powder in Paris Sephora when I bought perfumes as a gift)
I thought for a long time what shade I needed + I also came across a terrible consultant who did not understand English, and my French only allows me to say “hello, how are you?” (Oh and what I did for 4 years studying it)
Please, under the cat ...
The powder is sooooo light when I don’t have any problems with the skin (this is usually the case, but it sprinkles everything during the PMS period, as I’m sorry for the details now) I use only it and bronzer)
Now I use it with a light corrector (on the cheek) ... All the same, it’s summer and I don’t want to use tonal in the heat + 40 ...
Powder 4 color, but since it is very light, you can not see the color difference

Has a very soft sponge ... I use either it or the brush

I have a brush from the WG:

When I use a sponge, I just press it and turn the powder over, and when I brush the sponge away, close the lid and turn it around like this:

The forehead is the most problematic place on the face without makeup:
Here it was even more or less in the morning ... masks and tar soap-van lav)
Now the full image:

And macro:

Volume-20 grams (enough for life: DD)
Period of use - from January
The price is 46 euros
Grade 5

Watch the video: #HGSTATUS Givenchy Beauty Prisme Libre Loose Powder Review (January 2020).