Did you order caviar? Caviar manicure

Lovely beauticians, this is my first post on manicure. But I would like to know your opinion: thermo-varnishes, magnetic varnishes and a gradient have already died out. They were replaced by Caviar manicure. The pioneer in this direction was Ciate, which released a double varnish base + broths.

New varnishes are sold on the official website (alas, there is no delivery to the Russian Federation) and in some places across Europe in Russia I have not met. Three types are black, white and candy
Promo photo

In sets of varnishes of white, black and pink colors and broth

Not grieving for a long time, I went shopping and bought varnishes and broths (the size of the broth itself should be the size of semolina; the smaller, the better, such
but, alas, the black and red colors were only equine from Irisk - I had to take them. So, having everything at hand I sat down for my Caviar manicure called "I blinded him from what was."
Here is a photo of what I needed - red and black varnishes, red and black broths, a transparent coating (pancakes and sandwiches for entourage)
To begin with, we determine what kind of manicure we will have, “one-color caviar, two varieties of caviar, caviar for all fingers, or at random, it already depends on your imagination. Have decided ...
Stage one: Apply varnish in two layers on all fingers, wait for drying
Stage Two: grease the nail with black varnish
Stage Three: without waiting for drying, sprinkle with black broths (over some kind of container, so that it would then be more convenient to put the broths back into the vial), shake off the excess and gently seal the beads into the varnish with a fingertip so that it sticks
Stage Four: Only the tip of the nail! I cover with a colorless top and wait 20 minutes to dry
We do the same with “red caviar”
Everything! Resistance, as you know, is weak, walk for three days — during this period, with moderate physical exertion, the beads evenly fall out and the nail goes bald.
Conclusion: such a manicure is good for a certain event, party and disco.
For a wedding, you can use white-silver broths and white varnish - also looks good
And now here is what I got

and also looks like a blackberry
That's all, but what do you think of the new trend?

Watch the video: Get Yo' Nails Did: Caviar Manicure (January 2020).