Mizon Black Bean Anti-Aging Mask with Black Beans

Good day to all beauticians! Today I want to introduce you to the anti-aging mask Black Bean Anti-Aging Mask with black beans from Mizon Who are interested in asking for cat.

Korean cosmetics attracted me about a year ago, I liked some products very much, some caused rashes, and some left me indifferent. Of course, I cautiously ordered from Korean sites, was guided only by reviews, and before that, my care was pharmacy cosmetics. But nevertheless, curiosity took up.
From the information I read from various sources, I have the opinion that Korean and Japanese cosmetics are high nanotechnology, natural ingredients and high quality.
I really liked the products of Mizon, snail cream, still in the old version, I am ready to sing odes, how wonderful it is in everything, but now we will talk about something else. Trusting this brand, I ordered an Anti-Age mask with Black Bean Anti-Aging Mask.
My first impressions:
- The mask arrived in a black plastic jar, with a volume of 80 ml.
-Has a very dense structure of grayish color with black spots, as I understand it, there are black beans.
-The mask contains a lot of natural oils, for me it is a definite plus
- The smell is rather creamy, personally heavy for me and I don't like it.
- I think the mask will last for a long time, since it requires very little.

Personal opinion:
In principle, I liked the mask, the mask is very nutritious. After use, the face becomes as if nourished, moisturized and very smooth, I use it somewhere once a week (I also use other masks). I use it at night, after applying the mask I do not use cream, and by morning the skin has a rested appearance. Black blotches - beans - dissolve on the skin when I massage the mask into the skin with massage movements. I started using it even in cold weather and at first I put on a mask, waited 15-20 minutes and dabbed my face with a napkin (but there wasn’t much to dab, my face absorbed everything like a sponge), then closer to the summer, I began to wash it off, as the manufacturer advises . After applying Korean skin care, it seems to me that my skin has smoothed out, it has become smoother, probably all this works together. I also want to try other masks, but this one has taken its rightful place. I think this mask will be very relevant in the winter, when my skin sometimes becomes dry. The minus for me is the smell, it is unpleasant for me.
Term of use: 5 months
Rating: 5 - (minus the smell, I don't like it)
Price: 19$
I’m Marina, and contact me as it is convenient, but it’s better for you.

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