Lucky l'oreal and essie: are they really the same?

say this year l'oreal bought out essie
By some miracle, this coincided with the release of a new line of Loreal varnishes, with an updated formula and brush, surprisingly similar to an essie brush with slightly rounded ends.
I really liked the lacquers by the swords on the Internet, and therefore it was decided to go for a new batch of varnishes.
The catch was, of course, huge: 4 l'oreal varnishes and 8 essie (funny, because it was originally planned the opposite)
I’ll start the review right away Loreal:

L'oreal color riche

from left to right 502, 302, 610 and 109:

nail polishes: only 5 ml of volume, but what a pretty price! I got them for 120 rubles

all varnishes except yellow contain a very delicate shimmer that is invisible when worn
most of all I liked 109 and 610, yellow either didn’t fit the skin color, or simply unsuccessful
while I tested only brown 109, I managed to walk with him a couple of days until I got tired.
therefore, how much specifically can it be worn, I can’t say.
the varnish was applied to the base and dryer from INM, which is probably why the varnish lay evenly.
dries quickly: after about 10 minutes, the nails are completely dry.
the brush looks like this:
in principle, a comfortable brush, the main thing is not narrow, but essy-like

Rating: I put varnishes 5. until there is no stormy enthusiasm, I finally did not look at them, and I did not like the yellow
I am very glad that they are similar to essays in many ways. The quality is ok, it dries quickly, the shades are pleasant, no bubbles or other flaws were found.

Essie Nail Lacquer

the first four varnishes

cascade cool and bikini so teeny - varnishes from the summer collection of this year. managed to test both one and the other
the colors are most pleasant, so much so that my pedicure colleague with cascade cool called "candy"
but now minus: I applied 2 layers, but I didn’t like something in cascade cool, I wanted a denser color
applied another layer, drying on top. it seems like half an hour passed, the varnish should have dried, but nonetheless
when I woke up in the morning, the imprints of the sheet were visible on my toes, I had to walk on top of the top,
to make it unnoticed
It seems to me that half an hour with decent drying, even for 3 layers, is enough time to dry.
or wrong?
now in my arms sand tropezsorry for my 3 day old manicure curve
to show all the beauty of the varnish did not work, but a strong strong-willed cam turned out:

and the last four essays (I have not tried one yet, but I really like the candles)

Of all my "newbies" essays I liked the most exotic liras, sand tropez, cascade cool and bikini so teeny
Rating: all varnishes essi 5 (as an average score, still cascade cool a little upset, otherwise a million pluses would instruct).
their brush has always been my standard, as well as the speed of drying.
Loreal, well, to the point of horror, he looked like an essay. although why terrified.
Essays with a volume of 13.5 ml cost about 300 rubles, Loreal with a volume of 5 ml - 120 rubles, which makes the purchase of Loreal very profitable.
perhaps it seems to me alone that the loreal are very close to essy?
UPD: some scum (without base and top)
Essie Mojito Madness + Bikini so teeny (as you can see in the photo it lies very even without a top)

L'oreal (macro) - 610, 502,109 (similarly without base and without top)

I want to note that without the base I absolutely did not want to apply 302 shades of Loreal (yellow) at all
the first layer was very much striped, the second turned out also with bald spots, in general, I spat, and erased it.
if essy lay even without a base, then the loreal behaved a little worse, although I have no complaints about 109 and 610 shades
502 had to be applied a little more accurately, but perhaps because this shade is much more intense,
in two layers it already looks quite wonderful.
there will be no other camera angles.
I would be unpleasant to read comments about the hand: I have small fingers like a child’s
which greatly complicates the process of photographing candles