Blue-blue ... the blue

Good evening! There was only one post about this handsome man, so I hasten to share my opinion and swatch
Welcome to cat!

In the first photo, if someone did not know or did not recognize Sally hansen 37 blue it.
It all started last summer, when all the forums and LJ were full of posts on the topic that blue is in trend. Once a trend means it should be with me, so he settled in my cosmetic bag. From several tested varnishes Sally hansen this one is BEST!
It is well applied, even in one coat it looks great, but what else is needed? It stays on my nails for 4 days, then chips begin to appear.
In general, when I'm in it, I get a lot of compliments about my manicure
And therefore less letters, more photos!
I suggest you look at my swatch:

In all photos, the base + 2 layers of varnish.
Price: $ 3
Rating: 5
Thanks for attention!
I am Nastya! To me on "you"

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