Series "Med Response Clear Skin" from a network of pharmacies 36.6

A series of "Med Response Clear Skin" from a network of pharmacies 36.6.

The first product in the series that I tested was:
Med Response Clean skin Anti-greasy matting fluid.
The volume of the tube is 30 ml, a convenient dispenser I have a weakness for funds with dispensers. The texture is gel, the smell is pleasant, absorbed in a split second. As the foundation for makeup works perfectly, the tonal one lays well, does not roll.
Of the promised by the manufacturer (promises we see on the package) pore narrowing, alignment of skin tone and topography and elimination of oily sheen, I noticed only the last two. That is, it does not constrict the pores, but I hoped so, but it mattifies perfectly! In the summer in the very heat, I can 7 hours or even not even look in the mirror and not think about blotting my face with napkins.
Composition for those interested:
But this remedy has a big negative - it dries! Due to this fluid, the tip of my nose and the “apple” on my cheeks became problematic areas with peeling thanks to this fluid, although my skin is oily all over my face. Not for everyday use. If you use this fluid during the day, then you need to moisturize your skin very well at night — dryness and peeling can also be avoided.
Rating If we consider this product only as a summer matting base exclusively for owners of oily skin, then 4.
Then my attention was drawn to the following product:
Med Response Clean Skin Regulating Daily Cream
Macro photo of two products - previous fluid and cream
I can’t say anything good about this cream. However, bad too. Although, no - I can bad   It dries the skin very much (though with acne). After a week of use, the face tightens, the skin begins to peel off and finally, the complexion somehow deteriorates (or it seemed to me ...). In general, this cream did not fit me.
Rating 2.5 - does not reach the “troika”, but does not deserve a “couple” either.
Med Response Clean Skin 2-in-1 Deep Cleanser
The tool looks as follows:
A liquid product, foams well, neutral smell, smells of clay) Very economical, the volume that in the photo is enough to wash 2 times. If you add a little more, then enough for the mask on the whole face. As a means of daily cleansing, he did not suit me - he too dry the skin. I use it only before using this product, as a mask during the period of "acne exacerbation." It seems to help, but I can’t buy it anymore.
Rating 3.
The price of all funds in the region of 200-250 rubles. This series did not suit me categorically, but all individually, maybe someone will like the products from this series. Moreover, the price for experiments is quite suitable.

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