Our make up story

Girls, something struck me for memories - I propose to remember together:

My first set of cosmetics was presented to me by my aunt for twelve years — it was a brown pencil, a blue-blue dvushka and voluminous mascara. Before that, I occasionally painted my nails with pink varnish, and then only for the holidays, because they were not allowed at school. And then what’s called Dorval’s. As I recall the camp that summer ... and trembling breaks. Then fashionable colored mascara of different shades in the hair, blue eye shadow on the eyelids (I still never use blue in makeup) and pink pale lipstick from AVON Pink pearls, and a bunch of pimples, but it doesn’t matter - I felt like a star!
Then the shadows broke in the camp, the mascara migrated to the mother, and then into the bin, as it was creepy, and I no longer remember where the pencil stuck. In total, from 12 to 14, I did not know grief and the only thing that occasionally was painted with the same AVON fondant. It is true that on New Year's Eve, before my 13th birthday, dad gave me a Kenzo miniature, so from the very beginning I got a good one on perfumery.
A coup in my head happened in the 9th grade when I started going to college for preparatory courses - then I got Ffleur powder, Max Factor mascara and Ruby Rose scary burgundy pink shades, a black Avon pencil (by the way, I still take their pencils , I really like it), a couple of transparent shines - but then I only painted on courses and minimally, even my eyebrows were not touched - I covered my pimples with powder, mascara in one layer, sometimes the shade is the same color for the whole eyelid and enough, I didn’t like shine like that and do not like.
But when the student life began, that is, at 16 - oooooooh, then I came off! There was anything! What make-ups did I draw in the morning, there was always a black pencil on the water line, now even in the club I’m not always dressed up
At 17 I already earned money and had the opportunity to buy myself something better - my favorite toilet water of that time, Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege Eau De Parfum Spray

It was my signature fragrance - at work and at school everyone knew if Lanvin smells, then Lena was here
In the same period, I got sick with arrows - still does not let go.
At the age of 19 I started dancing, and also discovered that I have eyebrows and I need to do something ... Therefore, along with stage makeup, eyelash sticking, makeup in extreme conditions (you tried to do a full stage makeup in a train, in the light of a candle and etc.?) I was still trying to grow, draw and generally tidy up the eyebrows, which (thanks to my dad) are very rare, with bald spots and a birthmark, where there is no pigment, so without painting I’m nowhere. Yes, by the way, from that time on, my collection of cosmetics and my passion for it began to grow at an incredible speed. And by the way, with the exception of perfumery, the first suite appeared just before the 23rd anniversary - it has grown!
And when you started to paint, what were your preferences, what in your opinion made you irresistible, what kind of cosmetics was it, and in general how did you have THIS?
Girls, thanks! I got a lot of pleasure reading your stories!

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