Helping hands - about my creams

Hello dear beauticians!
For a very long time it was not possible to read your favorite site and publish, and during this time a large post about hand creams matured. BukAF will be many) The topic is topical for me - my hands often come in contact with water, sometimes when I forget to put on gloves - with detergents, my skin wears very easily, and against the background of pregnancy and vitamin deficiency it completely becomes dry like parchment.
Therefore, there are several creams in my arsenal, I’ll try to talk about all briefly, but capaciously)
And here are my favorites in the group photo:
Further, the post will be conditionally divided into parts, in each of which we will talk about a specific group.
Creams for permanent use, those. those that are applied to the hands most often: after contact with water, on the run, on the go, etc.
I have no special requirements for them: light moisturizing and nutrition, a pleasant aroma and non-greasy texture, but no more is needed. Therefore, I will evaluate the cream according to these two criteria

1. Velvet handles Basic care “Removing dryness”
50 ml of joy with aloe vera gel among the active ingredients. Good light cream for a ridiculous price. Light texture, moisturizing, elimination of light dryness - it is hardly suitable for dealing with serious problems. It smells pretty nice, but not like all the representatives of this brand - the aroma is more saturated and more intrusive.
Rating: 5
2. Oilatum Junior Cream
Baby cream, quite oily and very nutritious. Its cost is unknown to me, it has been serving me for about six months, so it will soon go to the trash after the expiration date. The cream perfectly moisturizes and nourishes, has an unexpressed aroma, barely perceptible, but I apply it only at night, because it leaves greasy prints. The texture is more saturated than the rest of the representatives of this group. Another plus of it is that it is very economical, I haven’t used half a tube either, although I apply it every night, sometimes two or three times.
Score: 4 (minus a mark for bold marks)
3. Velvet Handles Integrated
Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands, as the manufacturer promises us, however, in fact, the first word from this promise can be excluded. The aroma and texture of it, like most creams of this line, copes well with my requirements. Promised is also the strengthening of nails and nutrition of the cuticle - this is difficult for me to judge, because I take care of the first and second by special means, and I do not need these functions from the cream. In the active components, the Kalina concern announces milk proteins, vitamins A, E and biotin - well, quite possibly, I have nothing against it)
Rating: 5
4. The clean line Phyto-concentrate "Vitamins for nails and cuticles".
Light cream with wheat germ oil and violet extract. I apply it only on the cuticle and only at night - I see no reason to use it more often. Kutikulu moisturizes well, but from mineral oil and Karite oil is not convinced to refuse. The aroma typical for CL creams is a kind of cosmetic fragrance, a small and funny tube)
Rating: 5
5. Velvet Moisturizing Handles
According to the manufacturer, he actively moisturizes, eliminates dryness, has a light texture. From this promise I would remove the word first - I agree with the rest. The aroma and texture are characteristic, leave no greasy marks, absorbed quickly, non-sticky. As a part - olive oil and peach seed oil - and against this I also have nothing)
Rating: 5
Protective creams: a barrier against exposure to harmful substances, detergents, weather conditions.

1. Kemi Line Protection hand cream universal protective.
Sinful that I can sometimes wash the dishes or the sink without wearing gloves - in such cases I always apply this cream. The manufacturer promises us protection and easier cleaning of the skin of the hands from dilute solutions of acids, alkalis and other aqueous solutions, as well as from organic solvents, industrial oils, paints and oil products. When repairing the house, this cream also helped me out - indeed, it is much easier to wash the paint when using it with the palms of the hands. The texture of the cream is slightly oily, but absorbed quickly. The aroma is light and inconspicuous, cosmetic. I already end it, where to buy it - I have no idea, and I'm really sorry about that, because the cream is beautiful. After performing their function, it is easily washed off with hands when thoroughly washed with ordinary soap.
Rating: 5
2. Bubchen Wind & Wetter Creme Cream in Wind and Weather
This tube of cream is by no means for hands, but for children. It helps me a lot in the cold and windy season. I got it in Ukraine, just like the previous one, but in my native Kazakhstan this cream is also presented (unlike the products of Kemi Line) at an affordable price of 5 cu Contains almond oil and vitamin E, protects against weathering, hands do not crack in the cold. It moisturizes perfectly, a little oily, but it is excusable to him. It smells good, the aroma is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Nivea cream in tin cans. The texture is heavier than the previous cream.
Rating: 5
Creams for specific cases: these are creams and oils that I use when my skin is dry, cracking with insufficient care, and the cream that I put under gloves.
1. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
This is my lifesaver - a wonderful light cream that copes with difficult situations in the form of tightened, overdried skin - and it happens, you never know - going to visit with washing dishes, forgot to smear protection in front of the street, etc. The cream has a non-greasy texture, smells like flowers and fruits - the aroma is pleasant, easily and quickly absorbed. I use it quite rarely, because I try not to run my hands. This is the second package, I will buy more.
Rating: 5
2. Avon Care Intensive Moisture
A very oily cream for dry skin that signals SOS. I can’t use it myself for two reasons: a heavy greasy texture and for me personally an unpleasant fragrance. Therefore, I do this: I put a layer of cream, put on gloves - and my dishes are very hot water. Almost the effect of paraffin therapy is obtained, by the end of washing the dishes the hands are moistened, the cream is partially absorbed, partially remains on gloves, and the residues along with the aroma are washed off with soap and water. A good tool for a low price, as part of the manufacturer claims rice bran oil (and what is it?) And a kind of moisturizing complex. However, I won’t buy this rem anymore - for me the smell is very important.
Score: 4 (minus a point for smell)
3.l'Ooccitane Shea Butter
100% shea butter (shea) is a famous brand product that does not need to be introduced. Organics with a short shelf life, help from nature itself. I always buy only small jars, because firstly, the bank is unhygienic, and secondly, I’m afraid not to use a larger amount until the end of the storage period after opening. I use oil after a manicure, put it on all hands and hold it for at least 20 minutes - usually I don’t have enough patience for a longer time, I use it on my elbows, sometimes on my lips as a mask. It has almost no aroma - a faint smell of fat, namely fat, melts and softens on contact with fingertips. Wonderful thing, I buy and I will buy.
Rating: 5
4. Nivea Creme
Also, a tin with cream, famous and not in need of introduction, the contents and quality of which, in my opinion, have not changed for 18 years for sure. At least I got acquainted with this cream when I was four years old, and the association with the word “cream” I have with this blue jar. “The best-bought moisturizer in the world,” says manufacturer Beiersdorf, and I with pleasure believe. It has some eucerite and the familiar lanolin and glycerin. I buy cream constantly, I like everything about it: moisturizing and nourishing properties, aroma, associations with childhood and even its greasy texture. I apply the cream on the brush when dry, on dry parts of the body, if necessary. An additional can is in the car, in the bag, about the smell - in the refrigerator. Means, which literally “flies away” from me, as if I eat it with spoons.
Rating: 5
Creams for pleasure, aromatization and appearance: i.e. those means that are used when going to visit guests, restaurants, social events - if suddenly someone wants to kiss a lady's pen, it will be pleasant to smell from the pen. A pair of tubes that delight with their aroma and are applied to pre-manicured, moistened paws just to get ... aesthetic pleasure.
1. l'Occitane Cherry Blossom Petal-soft Hand Cream.
Cream with a bright aroma, very light and delicate, melting - and really, like petals ... I rarely use it, because every day the smell is too cloying and obvious. I apply before the event for 15-20 minutes, then just before leaving their house, wash off with warm water. The skin of the hands is velvety and delicate, fragrant ... Pampering, not leaving.
Rating: 5
2. l'Occitane Fleur Cherie Hand Cream
Another cherry joy from the French brand. Perhaps this is the same line, just reissued - not strong in the history of this factory. The aroma of this cream is more saturated, sweetish, compared with the previous cream. A small convenient tube that fits in a ladies clutch. I also apply and wash off before leaving, but I try to use it in cold weather - the fragrance obliges. The composition of grape seed oil and shea butter makes the skin of the hands velvety and tender. Another cream for enjoyment ...
Rating: 5
Here is my collection. All creams are dearly loved by me, I use them all for different purposes, and not just because I bought them, as you might think. My pens pay me with tenderness and gratitude)
Stay beautiful, dear ladies, and remember, hands are the mirror of a woman, you can say a lot about us ... and although nature did not reward me with the elegant form of the pianist’s hands and fingers, I try to do as much as possible so that my hands are well-groomed and it was nice to touch them.
Sincerely yours, Alena.

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