Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

Full name of varnish: Dior Vernis No. 401 Saint Tropez
Detailed opinion:
Awesome color of amazing quality. In my opinion, everything is fine in it - texture, brush, durability. Now about everything in more detail:
Texture - non-liquid cream, applied gorgeous. One layer is not enough (especially to me. I love it to be brighter and fatter)))
Brush - standard for Dior varnishes - flat and wide. But hair to hair, in application is insanely comfortable, varnish is gaining the right amount without excess.
Persistence - oh, this is generally the point to which I am ready to sing unprecedented defirambs. Holds as much as you need - you want 3 days, it will be 3 days. If you want more, there will be more. I wear a maximum of 4 days, then I want to change, but the varnish always looks completely fresh.
It is easily removed from the nails without staining the cuticle, the nails themselves, or the skin around.
Its only drawback, although this is probably not even a drawback, but personally my nitpicking - there is very little of its glossiness. Therefore, all photos with a dryer that gives a glossy shine.

I wear it with about this way

Price: something around 1200 rubles (IDB) excluding discounts
Rating: Doubtless 5

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