Pupa Holographic # 36

Good afternoon, girls. Today I decided to reward myself for passing the exam by buying something interesting, and Pupa Holographic Nail Polish # 36 Lilac became this lucky one! :)

After standing in thought over the rack with varnishes in Rive Gauche, I remembered the rave reviews read on the network about all kinds of holographic varnishes. The soul demanded something bright, summer, green! However, unfortunately, only two shades were available: Lilac and Violet. Violet seemed a little more winter, so my choice fell on Lilac.
Rushing home, I sat down to paint my nails. I don’t like this occupation very much - with my perfectionism it can drag on oh for a very long time: it smeared, the hair stuck there, it simply fell imperfectly. therefore I love transparent varnishes This holographic, unfortunately, did not become a joyful exception to the rule, I had to tinker with it: it would seem that the first layer was already dry, but the second layer lay crooked, with bald spots. I had to paint again and, for the sake of fidelity, dry it throughout the entire series of the series :)
But then, then!
In the shade, to be honest, I don’t really like it - it looks like a typical pink and lilac mother of pearl in the style of "aunt Zina's manicure from the vegetable shop":
But the sun showed stunning salivary provoking multi-colored sparks - green, blue, pink, orange:
Honestly, they made me jump around the apartment like an saiga :)
And finally, a photo with a flash:

Rating: 4. Application problems are still considerable, but damn beautiful!
Price: 136 rubles on the Rive Gauche gold card, without it - 170.
Thank you for attention :)