Everyday Shopping, Part 1

Good summer sunny day to everyone! I hope you have the same one.
Today I will tell you about the results of recent shopping trips, more precisely, first about three means.
I love all sorts of different cosmetics, although I usually wear makeup in the style of “yes, yes, I’m so beautiful by nature,” I only use different shades of lipsticks and sparkles. Here is what just recently acquired for this:

1. Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector No. 02 light
The photo:

Girls, do not be alarmed - everything is as it is
Skin without anything:

Only applied BB cream:

A little "sat down." And the very brilliance is visible:

And a little powder nose:

Detailed opinion:
All in all, I like this cream. Seeing him on a store shelf, she was surprised and very happy - the most interesting things weren’t delivered to Belarus forever! And although I read everything about him, she immediately grabbed and ran to the cash register. As it turned out, not in vain.
- for my trouble free freckled skin - a great disguise! I thought it would be much more transparent, but in fact it evens out the tone well. And the shade fits my natural.
- it is well put and distributed.
- the presence of SPF.
- moisturizes the skin, you can not use a cream.
- It smells good.
- price)))
For 2 weeks of use with the pores, everything is in order.
- excessive shine appears during the day.
- This unique tone on sale is quite dark - it suited me so well considering the tan. So I can use it only in the summer - at the beginning of autumn, the rest of the time I am snow white.
Rating: 5-.
2. Essence lipstick No. 53 all about cupcake
The photo:

Here the color is most similar:

But with other lighting it can be like this:

But in the sun from afar:

Detailed opinion:
Excellent quality lipstick! The only negative is a small durability. Everything else - solid virtues - does not dry lips at all, is easy to apply, does not roll off, and what kind of gloss is it ... mmm I think to buy a couple more tones, glossy and with a shimmer.
This color is a little dissatisfied - he thought more pink in swatch, but did not dare to smear the store tester. It turned out that fondant is more pink-coral.
I like how it looks with glasses. Although the photo seems to be nothing. Well, let's write it off for poor color rendition of soap dishes))).

3. Essence XXXL nudes lipgloss # 03 Nude kiss
The photo:


Detailed opinion:
Oh, this is macro ... In the photo I saw that the shine terribly flows into all the folds, although in fact it is not at all imperceptible. In confirmation, below I will show a photo in life.
I really like it - almost my natural lip color, only with a small shimmer and a seductive moist shine. Smell ... mmm - natural candy ladybug! She has no taste, although she heard “sweet lips” when kissing, apparently, it smells so much.
Of the minuses - instability, well, absolutely, so I’ll take him a point.
So, the general view:

Rating: 4
Thanks for attention! In the next post I will talk about new shadows.
I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

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