I tried and was disappointed. Paul mitchell

Today I want to share my impressions of the green smoothing line for hair care professional brand Paul Mitchell.
For a long time I wanted to try leaving this brand, but since I did not know how to deal with foreign online stores, I only licked at the rave reviews on the network.
Soon, I overcame my fear and still ordered a green set for the onion sample. I received the kit in early May and have been using it, therefore, for a month and a half. I can’t say that I am in utter delight. Most likely "good, but not at all"
Now in order.
The ends of the hair are discolored and dry / damaged, half of the roots are simply dyed with a gentle dye (I decided to leave the blond in a more natural bronze).
I will not say that the hair is in terrible condition. Most likely normal on the roots with split ends, dehydrated tips, which is common to all blondes. The hair is thin, long.
In my post, we will also talk about shampoo - Super Skinny Daily Shampoo Paul mitchell - smoothing shampoo for daily use, it is not in the photo.
I chose this particular series Super skinny (which consists of three products, the shampoo is not shown in the photo), because I wanted good care (smoothing and strengthening the structure, getting rid of split ends) and bribed, of course, accelerated drying of the hair.
In general, I would rate this particular series at 3+, something is generally terrible, and something more or less like it. Pets and mastheads after meeting did not appear.

Super Skinny Daily Shampoo Paul mitchell - smoothing shampoo for daily use

This shampoo was for me the most unfortunate of the three products presented in the kit. He does not soap at all the first time, I pour a lot (!). Washes hair medium. They don’t creak (as I like) after washing off the shampoo and get dirty very quickly (My head in the mornings and the second morning I can no longer go with my hair loose, my hair looks untidy) This is compared to my favorite Korean brand shampoo, after using which I walk calmly with loose pure hair for three days.
In general, there was a feeling that I was washing my hair with balm or conditioner, although the shampoo is completely shampoo - transparent, liquid. This is strange.
Shampoo not only does not accelerate hair drying (in my case it is a hair dryer), but it also tangles the hair, it takes longer to style it.
I didn’t like it at all. Very bad. I don’t even want to reuse it. There is no shampoo in the photo, I didn’t find it ... apparently, I threw it out already.
My mark: 2

Super Skinny Daily Treatment Paul mitchell - smoothing care for daily use

This remedy impressed me more than shampoo, but also without enthusiasm.
Since this is a title, I tried to use it as a conditioner and as a mask after shampoo. The most optimal for my hair to keep this balm-tritment 5 minutes. If less - not enough nutrition, more - hair is oily. Of course, I don’t put it on the roots.
After washing off this product, the hair begins to creak (which is strange from the balm), but it becomes soft and docile. In general, I like it, but what I use is prof. not much felt. The usual balm.
Rating: 4. Good as a balm, bad as a prof.

Super Skinny Serum Paul mitchell - smoothing serum

The famous whey is perhaps the iconic brand product. I will not say that I did not like it, but I was not impressed. I use 1.5 months after each wash. It’s good as thermal protection, the tips also look healthy (silicone is also silicone in Africa) The product smells nice, not greasy. I will not say that the tool is economical, as many write. It flies away pretty quickly for me ... It took a third in 1.5 months.
There is even nothing more to say about him. Normal serum. I like it, I use it with pleasure, but I won’t buy it anymore. I will look for something else in prof. stamps.
Rating 4+ Cute product
Generally: the series is mediocre, good care for those who do not want to bother with the selection of each remedy separately for the problem. Bought a set and use it!
On the drying speed does not affect any of the listed tools. The tips look neat (in principle, with any constant good care they will look like this, so this is not the merit of these funds)
I was disappointed with Paul. I’ll probably try a couple more tools from other series and, if everything is the same at the average and below the average level, then I’ll put an end to this brand.
Thanks for attention!

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