Blue distance - pencil eye shadow L'Etoile Fee, shade 310 Fee serena

Hello dear beauticians!
A few days ago I really needed to somehow raise my mood, and what I did - of course, I went to Letual :) At the same time I wanted to participate in the action now taking place, and in the end I bought a pencil-eye shadow, which I already had paid attention, as well as the mascara that interested me. Today I will tell you about the pencil.

I must say right away that if I read the reviews about this pencil before, I didn’t remember them during the purchase and knew perfectly well that I was buying a "pig in a poke", moreover, I was almost sure that the quality of the pencil would be lame, but the color ... I liked the color so much that I decided that I would find a pencil for use in any case! In general, unfortunately, - I was 100% right.
Since the pencil is positioned as a shadow pencil, it is understood that it can be used as a shadow - for the entire eyelid, but in practice this is completely different. Even at the base, the pencil instantly rolls, the resistance is zero. (I’ll note, just in case, that I was not going to apply this pencil to the entire eyelid of a solo, but wanted to use it in combination with shadows in various versions.) As a pencil, it can also be used only if the eyelids are not overhanging, etc. to. on contact with the skin, the pencil is also instantly erased. I tried to apply white shadows on top of the pencil, it turned out very beautifully, but this option also did not work. Longer life, of course, but still very quickly the pencil rolls with the shadows ...
As a result, the only possible option for me personally to use this pencil is on the lower eyelid as an accent, as well as a little bit in the outer corner of the eye so that the pencil line does not touch the skin from above. In this embodiment, the resistance is normal, so to speak.
The color, of course, is very interesting and summer - it is so dull blue with a slight shade of lilac, as well as silvery flickering particles like small-small sparkles :)
In daylight:
In room:

Swatch on hand (the lilac shimmer, it seems to me, is not particularly visible. Perhaps it is even just part of the shade - I hope I wrote more or less clearly :):

With this color, the main thing in makeup is not to overdo it, but the quality of this pencil will not allow you to overdo it :) It still rolls almost everywhere ...
It seems to me that in that only application, in which I can use and use it, it does not look vulgar and bright, but is just a color summer accent, no more. As a base shade of shadows for the entire eyelid, I use white pearlescent shades, I also tried with a tandem of silver and gray - the last option I will show in the photographs. I also draw a little upper eyelid with either black or dark blue pencil, eyeliner will also look good, but I don’t use it in this version.
Apply the pencil gently, no problem. Small glitter is not noticeable, the eyelid does not scratch. I have not tried sharpening it yet - I hope there will be no problems even in this, I think it should be kept in the refrigerator before sharpening.
In front of my eyes:

So, I can only give a rating of 3, but I will use a pencil - I really like the color!
The term of use is several days.
Price - per share without a discount of 249 p., I, along with mascara, got for 349 p. Perhaps without the action I would not have bought it, suspecting of poor quality.
I am Anya, to me on "you".