Well you are an artist

Today we will talk about the Platinum collection Artist No. 206 varnish. As a base varnish I use Golden Rose No. 50.

Golden Rose varnish is quite decent, slightly streaks, but dries quickly. As a separate coating lasts about 2 days. Here I put it in two layers. It costs 34 rubles. I’ll tell about him separately in another post.
On top of Golden Rose I put our artist. There is only 1 layer. It dries for a long time, but I used the dryer and the whole manicure took only 30 minutes.
I decided somehow to discover varnishes with mica. Finding such varnishes turned out to be a big problem. And then, once I went into a regular store with household chemicals and saw it. I am very glad that I found this varnish! At its low cost, it met all expectations! It shines very beautifully in any light and transforms any varnish. By itself, it is very thick and dense. He covered all the stripes and bumps.
Well, actually he is.

Rating: 5 ++++
Price: 45 rubles
Thank you all and have a nice day!

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