How I got rid of black dots

I tried a cloud of different masks, scrubs and peels, and everything was past the target. Unless the black dots became lighter. That is the whole result. That was until the strips for the nose caught my eye. I did not pin any particular hopes on them. "But why not try such a remedy?" I thought ... and tried Earth Therapeutics.

I still remember with warmth the moment when I used the nose strip for the first time. Never in my life (and indeed never) had I loved my eels so much as at the moment when I was admiring them on the strip!
So for the first time in my life I saw how acne looked, and in full size. And so much disgust was on his face. Brrrr ... From the 3rd application, I cleaned my pores with stripes. Glad this was terrible! I just sat and admired my "columns".
Now I use them once a week as a preventative measure, this helps to keep my pores clean. Still, it is definitely necessary to exert physical effort to get a real result.
At first, I didn’t really believe in the effectiveness of such stickies, such a method seemed dubious to me. But as practice has shown, this is the only thing that helped me.
Earth Therapeutics Clari-T Pore Cleansing Strips Clarifying Tea Tree, 10 Nose Strips
Stripes with odorless tea tree.
My first and favorite.
So, I cleanse it properly (first with foam, then apply a scrub) and steam my face in the shower or just in warm water, plentifully I moisten the nose with warm water dry I stick a strip with my hands ...
... and gently press it with a towel. After half an hour, it completely dries up and I delete it. It doesn’t hurt to take off, but it’s even nice. I look forward to the result. True, now there is nothing special to admire, there are no longer any horrors. But if you do not use weeks 2, then there is an interesting catch. Although some rubbish will clog in time.
After removing the strip, the skin turns a little red - you need to calm it down, wipe the face with a tonic, apply a moisturizing or powder mask, then a night balm or oil.
They are recommended to be used once a week, but not more often than once every 3 days. Also, according to the instructions, they suggest holding a strip for 10-15 minutes, before drying. I hold longer, I like it better.
Rating: 5

Although I am 100% satisfied with the previous ones, I still wanted to try something new ...
NESURA Nose Pore Strips Black Head Remover, 10 sheets
Black stripes with charcoal. They must be believed to smell. Not to say that it is unpleasant, but it would be better if they were completely odorless.
After white, black is perceived with curiosity.
The principle of application is the same as the previous ones. It was painful to tear off these strips. And on the skin were black residue from Velcro.
The result is some kind of obscure. I look, I look at the strip - one black. Where the performance indicator is unknown. It should be all on the face and left.

Rating: 3

The Face Shop Black Head EX Charcoal Pore Strip, 7 sheets
And one more woody-odorous and painfully tearing. Although these work better than NESURA. I can see something on the strip: but somehow it’s a little “tail” pulls. Maybe because of the color is hard to see. Black is beloved. On the white stripes everything is so cool to see - you sit and admire.
Rating: 3

I have been using white stripes for half a year already, black - 2 months.
In my opinion, Earth Therapeutics has the most successful form, as captures territory at the wings of the nose. While NESURA and Face Shop are enough only for the nose itself, outwardly they generally look like clones.
I’ll use up black ones and I won’t experiment with such stripes anymore. Black color breaks all the buzz.
Experience has shown that color is power!
I am happy that I found my recipe for a clean face.
EtudeHouse Black Charcoal Chin Pack
Strips for the chin.
I must say, great strips! All tiny hairs on the chin (had no idea that they were there) were Velcro. They clean everything up decisively. But the strip is removed quite painfully. Therefore, I do not overexpose them and remove them after 15 minutes.
EtudeHouse has thinner strips than all previous ones. I think that’s why they sculpt and work better than previous blacks.

The price is unknown, because this is a gift. I’ll refrain from buying them. Strips for the chin to me unnecessarily.
Rating: 5-

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