Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

I present to your attention 4 varnishes Dior. I bought them all in one sitting))) moment. It happens to me, I came, I saw it - I bought it))))
All of them are very different and each in his own way is sweet to me.

More photos of all together.
As far as I know, they are all from a permanent collection. And the shade of Lucky including, because Dior Extreme series is not limited and, accordingly, nail polishes in this series, too.
General physical characteristics.
All shades presented: non-dimensional varnish creams (except Mandarin Orange 447), respectively, cream texture. Mostly medium density. When applying the first layer, they are slightly striped, which corrects the 2nd layer, which is sufficient for a uniform surface. Do not bald, do not bubble, do not flow around the edges. They dry quickly, are worn standard for Dior, 3-4 days are perfect, the 5th is not very good, the tips are erased, chipping is possible with water procedures.
Classic Diorovskaya brush, wide, dense with a rounded end.
It used to be an ideal for me, now here are the Essi brand brushes pushed Dior off the pedestal))).
The gloss of all shades is good, in all photos the varnishes are applied without base and top.
Assessment of all 5. Price with a 25% discount 920r. or close to that ...
Now a photo of each shade and several individual moments.
1. Dior Vernis Mandarin Orange 447. Orange Mandarin.
Such a delicate, diluted orange, although I do not like obviously orange shades at all, I liked this one with its modesty and tenderness. There are golden spangles, not of the smallest size, they can be seen not only in the sun, but they look harmonious and adorn this shade.

2. Dior Vernis Psychedelic Orange 545. Psychedelic orange.
That's why the manufacturer called this shade Orange, I don’t understand at all!
It is coral pink, very beautiful, delicate and at the same time bright.

3. Dior Vernis Lucky 659. Happy.
Happy, of course handsome, no words! The color is strawberries with cream, so I attributed it to the berries))).

4. Dior Vernis Mayan Red 753. Red Maya.
Well, the last, bright, berry-red handsome. It differs from its counterparts in a more fluid texture and more comfortable application to the nail.

Well that's all. Thanks for attention.

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