To other varnishes "dosvidos" I now have Ados

Hello, today I want to boast of brand new varnishes. I ask those who are interested (many photos).

Seeing these shades I could not resist and bought. I bring to your attention the budget varnishes of a Polish company from the summer collection. So Ados Extra Long Lasting No. 631,607,624
Detailed opinion:These are not the first varnishes from Ados cosmetics in my collection, so I already have a definite opinion about them. I can immediately say that the quality of the application and the durability of the varnish depends on the shade. My sympathy for Ados varnishes began from the moment I experienced their durability. All the other varnishes that I tried on my nails lasted one, a maximum of two days (and then, on the second day, this is quiet horror). Lucky Ados wear three to four days. The first I propose to consider shade number 631.
Ados Extra Long Lasting No. 631

"Cream" shade, the first layer slightly streaks, the second overlaps all the gaps of the first. In my opinion, the varnish dries quickly quickly, for example - having painted on the second layer, I’ll say I ran to take pictures and accidentally touching the nail found that nothing had happened with the coating. But before it completely dries, you need to wait 15-20 minutes after all. The minus of this shade, in that there is no super glossy gloss at the “exit”, you need to cover with a top for the best result. Having carried the shade for two days at the tips of the nails, he began to slowly wear off, on the third day small chips appeared, almost imperceptible, but upon closer examination they can be seen (these chips are inherent in this shade and I suspect that all the “cream” shades of varnish). The fourth day, the varnish would also have stood, but I decided to repaint. The brush is ordinary, in all the varnishes that are mentioned in the post.
In the photo: an example of combining this shade with another varnish (as a coating on top).
Rating: 5 with a minus (Minus for the fact that there is no good gloss)
Ados Extra Long Lasting No. 624
Detailed opinion:Also "cream", like the previous one. All the above characteristics can also be attributed to this shade, with the exception that No. 624 has a better gloss than peach. Color (hue) varies slightly depending on the lighting.

In the photo: an example of combining this shade with another varnish (as a coating on top).
Rating: 5
Ados Extra Long Lasting No. 607

Detailed opinion: This shade is already different from the previous two, in that it has a more liquid consistency. The first layer of varnish is very transparent, and it looks like it was smeared with blue nails (photo)
For this, the first layer dries just instantly. Covering the second, I get an o-very glossy finish, which is not observed in the previous two shades. The varnish is worn the same way, for three to four days, but there are no small chips, it only erases at the tips.

In the photo: an example of combining this shade with another varnish (as a coating on top).
Rating: 5
Price: 15 UAH / pcs. (about $ 2)
P.S. And finally, in short, I want to show other Ados cosmetics varnishes that I bought earlier.

Thank you all for your attention, and for reading the post to the end.

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