Spring Sky or Dance Legend No. 164

Good day, beauties!

I hasten to show you my new thermo-pet. There are many posts about such varnishes, and there was only one about him, I decided to show it to you again.
Of course, thermo-varnishes in my opinion look more advantageous in the cool season, but in the spring it also pleases me.
See for yourself.
To apply it is a pleasure, the varnish literally melts on the nails. But I need 4 layers of it, for someone it's a lot.
Varnish changes its color when the temperature changes, from a darker to milky hue.

The contrast is clearly visible here:

In this photo, my nails are completely warm. Here is such an effect.
Here is such a fun joy now have my nails. Worn perfectly. The tips are erased on the second day. Who doesn’t know, I'm a housewife
Testing term: half a year
Price: 280 rub.
Rating: 5

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