Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine Reviews

That's what made me buy this shine I can’t even say, I wanted something unusual. Did you get it?
let's discuss

And so on:
I suggest the soldier to make out the points:
Colour black with sparkles of different colors, rather large. On the lips, black turns to transparent with a shade of gray.
Smell subtle, not nasty, quickly erodes from the lips
Packaging pleasant to the touch, made of plastic.
Brush soft, unusually long pile, which does not add accuracy in application
Application easy, sliding, trouble-free layering
Lip behavior sparkles are not felt absolutely, the gloss lasts 2 hours exactly as it was applied, if without snacking and drinking. It does not spread.
Care there are lips on time socks and after not dry.
Stickiness not sticky to the lips, but the hair is sticky, i.e. shine does not freeze.
Consistency jelly is not thick, when squeezing from a tube squish :)
If the gloss is applied over the lipstick, then it dilutes it, and the lipstick breaks into the folds of the lips, in general, becomes unpresentable (see swatch).
In total, everything seems to be fine, but for me there is not enough color, visual specials. effects or something.
On the hand:
1 layer on the lips:

2 layers on the lips:

His face:
And the experiment, on top of the lipstick (upper lip without gloss, only with lipstick)

Price: about 1000 rubles.
Test period: 1 month
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