Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent 5-Color Iridescent Eyeshadow - reviews

Hello to all the beauties of this site! I want to share my favorite palette of shadows from the House of Dior. She “leafed through” the entire Beautician in search of silver shadows, could not decide, Chanel really wanted smokeys, even went and tested them in Letual, but all the same bad reviews on this palette repelled all desire. As a result, Dior bought it by accident, and it will be discussed in my post.

My opinion: let's start with the packaging - a pretty dust bag), but I still like the fact that it is there, then the case itself is also nothing, though it strongly picks up fingerprints - you have to constantly wipe it.
Shadows are presented in five shades:
the first is pearl blue, basically I apply under the eyebrow or use for blending with the second
the second is matte gray, a fairly pigmented saturated color
the third one is my favorite, silver, I love his solo very much, but he also looks great in different variations
the fourth - pearl white, I apply it only under the eyebrow, tried a couple of times to apply it lightly on the cheekbones - it turned out interesting
the fifth is black with small silver spangles, and on the eyelids the spangles are not as noticeable as in a palette, I put it on the outer corner of the eye or bring them down to the bottom.

When applying, the shadows do not crumble, they are applied and extinguished easily, though I am not special in this matter, I usually use no more than two shades in makeup, and I’m still far from Odaliska and Panther, so do not judge strictly what came of it:

Here, number 1 put a little on the cheekbones
Now about my surprise or slight disappointment:
After five to six hours, the socks of the shadows were extremely surprised - the shadows rolled up in folds, somehow unexpectedly, counting on a longer time. I put shadows on the base of Art Deco, without a base I haven’t tried. In general, I don’t even know who to blame - the roofing felts are not stable, the roofing felts are failing ... What do you think? I would like to hear your opinion.

Duration of use: two months
Price: about 2300 discount in Letual
Rating: 5 -
I am Sasha, to me on "you"

Watch the video: review and swatches on Christian Dior eyeshadow - 5 couleurs iridescent 859 graphic lights (January 2020).