Luxury or organic?

Hello, beautiful!

Today I will tell you about two deodorants ... Let's start)
Full title: Sanoflore 24h sans concession deodorant roll-on.
The photo:
Detailed opinion: I bought this deodorant to replace Este Lauder. I thought that sanoflo would be more natural, which would be more beneficial for my skin. When I started using it, I was confused by the terrible chemical smell of an incomprehensible chewing gum, strong and sharp! I thought that I would not feel it on the body. Yes, it wasn’t here! I could smell that terrible smell everywhere! The deodorant is slowly absorbed. When I applied it, it was like about 5 minutes, only then I started putting on my shirt and noticed that there were spots on the shirt. The deodorant itself is opaque, incomprehensible white and yellow. It only helps for 3 hours. Then I began to sweat twice as much as usual and feel that “wonderful” smell more and more. I will never come to this deodorant again!
Rating: 2!
Full title: Estee Lauder body perfomance DEO.
The photo:
Detailed opinion: Having read good reviews, I bought this deodorant almost 2 years ago. All this time I served faithfully, never failed. It smells nice, subtle, I like it. It absorbs itself well, transparent, so I don’t attach the photo (not visible at all). Helps 12 hours for sure! I really like. I will buy more. Or maybe I'll try lank ...
Rating: 5 with a plus.
I hope it was helpful. Anya)

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