My oatmeal mask

Good afternoon, dear girls. I want to share with you an oatmeal mask that I try to make almost every evening for my skin. Washing oatmeal is not very convenient for me, so I found this option for myself.
For this, it was not necessary:
1 oatmeal
2. Oils (I have refined linseed and grape seed).
3. A container where you can make a fresh mask for 1 time.
4. A spoon (it is not in the photo) to mix everything.
5. A brush for drawing.

So, I try to use scrubs on my face as little as possible, so the first thing I did was grind myself a certain amount into a jar. So convenient and practical in my opinion. After that, I put aside a certain amount of oatmeal in a container (I get a little more than a teaspoon, and pour koumiss or tan (two teaspoons). Many probably were surprised here :) Don't be surprised. I really love these products, and with them the mask does not leave a feeling of tightness, as it was when I stirred oatmeal with water :) I usually use linseed oil, but recently I bought refined grape seed oil (as usual cosmetic did not go well I have) and with it I also liked to make such masks. I apply the whole mixture only with a brush for 2-4 minutes, and then wash it off. I don’t like when it freezes, but I don’t need it.
The skin after the mask is smooth, delicate. You can not apply anything, but I put either my cream or a homemade mixture of oils.
There will be no photograph, since the mask does not look very good in the container, on the face too, but everyone saw the oatmeal.
More recently, I bought flaxseed flour. I mix everything the same way, the effect is very similar :)
Thanks to all!
I'm Masha :)

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