Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash-Pamping Spotlight Shine Lipgloss Reviews

Good day, dear Beauticians!
I decided to show you a deceiving handsome man - Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss pearl No. 436 Apricot Cloche.
He asks to take it on vacation, closer to palm trees, golden sand and the turquoise ocean!
Became interesting? I ask you under cat.)

My impressions: The shine was bought impulsively and confused with almost its clone No. 236 post of Nadezhda (to be honest, even doubt crept in - maybe I just have a newer version 236 ???), the main difference between my specimen is that it does not brighten lips, which I would like but certainly gives shine and absolutely does not spoil. Why was I called it a "mirage"? How interesting are his swatch on his hand, and so elusive orange-peach shade on his lips, which of course, upset me.
As for the quality - I am absolutely delighted: it gives a mirror effect and shimmers with a golden shimmer in the light, it is easily felt on the lips, it does not roll, it is not sticky, it does not flow, it doesn’t crease, it does not have a repulsive smell, sparkles are visible, they shine delicately, but they don’t feel at all on the lips, decently leaves the lips, leaving them well-groomed and with a small shimmer. Not durable, like most light shines - 1-2, depending on your speech activity))
A decent volume of 6.3ml is also pleasing.
Cost: about 900 rubles from 25% in Ile de Beaute
Rating: 5-
Let's see the swatch:
Luxurious design is my favorite tube, it's so nice to get it out of my purse every time.)))
comfortable brush - soft, perfect thickness, very nice to use
daylight: (it is seen how it reflects light specularly)
the sun: (look what magic !!!)
bare lips:
the sun:
Thank you very much for your attention!
Waiting for your comments, opinions!
Your masha.
To me, as always, on "you".

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