Eveline and Maybelline Lip Gloss

Hello girls!
I already wrote about my little weakness once - that I always rejoice if inexpensive products are of decent quality.
The two shines that I’ll talk about today are from this category - very budget, and very good.
Who likes to save - I ask for a cut!

Both shine in the photo. Volume Eveline 9ml, Maybelline 5ml.

A few words about those qualities that combine these two lip glosses. Both do not dry my lips at all, and after them the lips remain smooth and tender, as after using the balm. Both are quite persistent, I checked for two hours - they hold on, they also withstand a snack.
And then about each shine in more detail.
1. 3D Shine & Care Holographic Lipgloss by Evelin # 61
This is not the first time I have bought this shine - if you recall, then this is probably the fifth or sixth tube.
In this shade there are sparkles, very, very small. On the lips are not felt at all.
The gloss is quite sticky, I don’t wear loose hair with it if the wind is outside. It does not flow into folds, does not spread anywhere, I wear without a pencil. With this brilliance I also went in the winter, in the frost he behaved quite approximately.
The sponge is thin, it’s convenient for me to use it. Or maybe I'm already used to it.
Swatch on the hand. The sun is a shadow.
A photo of lip gloss. Sun and shadow.

Artificial light, without flash and with flash.
Rating: 5.
Price: 75 rub at the Albatross store.
2. Maybelline WaterShineGloss # 175 Cherry Twirl
The packaging says: "Liquid lipstick-lip gloss. The effect of wet lips with a glossy gloss."
This is my last purchase. I needed a shine without a shimmer and sparkles, the choice fell on Maybelline.
In the tube, the ueenka is rather dark, mauve, about the same color as my lips.
On the lips it’s almost transparent, but it gives a little shade, and gloss too. It hardly flows into the folds (you can see just a little on the macro), and it does not spread, I wear it without a pencil.
This gloss is almost not sticky.
The sponge is larger, and the curved one is also quite convenient for me.
Swatch on the hand. The sun is a shadow.
Lip gloss. The sun is a shadow.

Artificial light, without flash and with flash.
Rating: 5.
Price: 145 rub. at the Ильle de Beauté store.
Thank you all for your attention!
Regards, Nick.