Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

Good afternoon, girls)
I already showed you my first nude varnish, now I want to tell you about one more tenderness on the nails - Jade rose

Jade rose bought last summer. For some reason, in the summer, I want more transparency ... Something completely weightless in clothes, makeup and, of course, in manicure. This varnish is not as simple as it seems at first glance. A joyful shimmer is clearly visible in the bottle, but you will have to look for it diligently on the nails.
Varnish is not the easiest to apply. The first layer is terribly bald, striped and very transparent, the second layer saves the situation if your hands grow from the right place, if not, you risk getting the same stripes and bald spots. I believe that I learned to tame almost any varnish Chanel, but anyway, it’s worth a little gape and these are the joint.

It fits my hands, doesn’t forgive, doesn’t blush, but, to be honest, I like pedicure more. The legs with this varnish look somehow childishly naive. I still have the feeling that I was kicking khks eleven years ago at my favorite pioneer camp in which I spent the lion's share of my summer holidays. I don’t know what a glitch, but I’m delighted. Dusty feet in silvery sandals. The obsession is so strong that I bought myself similar) Yes, under the varnish.

Rating: Three for quality and five for shade.

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