Incredible and dreamy China glaze 565 Tantalize me

Hello beauticians! I, a maniac with experience, Love appeared ... I saw this varnish on the Internet, I liked it. I just liked it, I ordered it, but when this varnish arrived I realized that this was not another hobby, I was imbued with tender feelings for this shade. It is beautiful, I have not seen such a shade anywhere. Lavender shade with the smallest blue shimmer. See for yourself
Here is such a varnish and an owl
My opinion is that I really love dummies, and this varnish strengthened my love. I like their moderately thin brush and hassle-free application. It lacks two layers, one is too transparent, but without stripes. It is erased from the tips on the third day, dries quickly. But its main feature is color ... It is so ... Charming ... It is like a fabulous perfume, it complements the image with magic and sophistication. In general, for me he became a favorite.
Swatch on a camomile
Single layer
In bright sunshine pinks, but it doesn’t bother me, the hatred of pink, on the contrary, it touches me like a prank)
Flash and diamonds
Closer, what a shimmer, my goodness ...
And again the owl)

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