Lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer Reviews

Hello everyone, I decided to write about the representatives of the Lumene brand that I have at the moment.
There are few of them, but I have been using it for a long time, and there is already a definite opinion about each product, so I hasten to share it with you.
1. Lumene Beauty base eyeshadow primer
I chased this base for a long time, for some reason it was not in the stores, yeah, it was sold out - it means good !. Found in OlGood, my delight knew no bounds. This was my first base under the shadows, I did not know what to expect from it, but now I can adequately assess all the pros and cons. So:
1) Large volume (7 ml)
2) Not very expensive - about 250 p.
3) Aligns the color of the eyelid (see the photo before and after)
4) Holds shadows and makes some brighter (again, see the photo, on a light shade it is not particularly noticeable, but on a dark one it is very even)
1) After 6-8 hours, I roll a little into a crease (my eyelids are a bit oily, but not very strong).
Rating: 5-
2. Lumene arctic duet eyeshadow shade 11
I really cursed at these shadows. I love violet shades, and when it turned out that dark violet does not look so dark before my eyes, I was upset. There are no such claims to the light shade, it is quite pigmented and surprisingly quite persistent. At the base they look brighter, but such a shade of dark, as in the palette itself, still does not work. When shading, the dark shade disappears completely :(
Rating: 3

3. Lumene wild rose lipliner shade 2 rose touch
Received as a gift, she herself would choose a shade less bright. In principle, not bad, I rarely use pencils, so there’s nothing to compare with.
1) Quite persistent, if only the outline is outlined, it even withstands meals.
2) The color is saturated, even brighter than it looks in the package.
1) a little dry, you need to either moisturize with a balm, or take a moisturizing lipstick
Rating: 4
4. Lumene natural code smile booster lipstick shade 3 nude beige
My love for nude shades made itself felt, and I grabbed this lipstick as soon as I saw it. I use it not very long, about a week, but every day.
1) Absolutely nude beige, without a hint of a redhead or pink.
2) Moisturizes perfectly, no balm needed
3) It looks good on the lips, does not emphasize any flaws
1) It very quickly leaves my lips, literally an hour and a half, and it doesn’t exist! But I always take with me that lipstick that I put on in the morning, and tinting is not difficult.
Rating: 4 +++ due to instability
Bottom line: the brand is not bad, you can find quite decent products. But, like everyone else, there are misses (for me it's shadows).

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