My mineral history (before and after photos)

So, mineralogia got to me. I listened and read laudatory comments on this product, and I really wanted to try out its "magic" properties on myself to hide enlarged pores, even out complexion without the effect of a mask, and many others, about which below. Who cares, please
This post in particular encouraged me to purchase minerals and many other reviews that are rich in the Internet and UT
About my skin: there are enlarged pores and black spots in the T-zone, which I periodically “fish out”, for which I get post-acne (red spots) my hands would beat off an uneven face tone, a few scars after chickenpox transferred in childhood, but for all these "charms" skin normal, which I’m incredibly glad, shines a little in the T-zone in the summer, this was not noticed in the cold season. Yes, and freckles "settled" on the nose
Post Heroes:my main helpers in the transformationIn my arsenal is a set of the most delicate brushes of synthetic pile (the best for minerals) with a bamboo handle (11pcs in the photo are the most indispensable for me), baby kabuki, and mini, optimal and full size jars with a set of the powders I need at the moment and tested by me (there are still as many unprinted ones) This is: Green Tea Night Rejuvination / Sweetscents) (I mentioned it briefly here), Primer Diva Defense normal and oily skin / Costalsens (I use primer as a basis for all other powders on a moisturizing day cream ), Bisque concealer and corrector / Heavenly (foundation corrector for “spots”), Foundation Silk Cover Lite matte / Costalsens (foundation-tone for all faces o and neck), mineral blash First Blah / Heavenly (blush), Classik Final Phase (veil) / Heavenly (veil, fixing powder, final touch)
Product properties:
The most important thing is the natural composition, basically no more than 5-6 components that vary, depending on the purpose of the product, but in general these are the main components: mika, sericite (mica and its varieties), zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide (natural SPF having absorbing and anti-inflammatory properties), also in addition to rice and bamboo silk, green tea (antioxidant), sometimes even berry powder in the composition can be found.
Powders are very economical - you need a small amount in order to cover the entire face.
They are stored for a very long time, because have no "humidity" in the composition
They have good hiding power and do not create masks, but only a fresh look, well-groomed skin and a pronounced effect in the fight against post-acne.
Now the product is in action: my face is “nude” before using mineral makeup 2 months ago (specially made in the shade - all “flaws” are visible) immediately after application (singing!) in the sun:about an hour after application, the minerals “sat down” on the skin, and this is the promised effect:Well, now a few photos after a few months of use
In my opinion, an improvement in the condition of the skin as a whole is very noticeable (of course, there were flaws, but still to come)
Total:I am very glad that I met such a miracle as mineral makeup, which transforms my skin day after day, helping me to look better and better. Moreover, it has become a kind of ritual - it’s so nice to get your little case with brushes, sort out tiny jars, apply lightly to your skin and watch how the skin “thanks” you for it!
P.S .:the essence of my post is to convey the effect of the use of these products, I left the post with swatch and detailed consideration for "sweet"
Thanks for stopping by
Yours, Katerina.

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