Eyes To Kill Silk eye shadow by Giorgio Armani, # 3 Purpura

Hello, I want to share my impressions of the shadows of Giorgio Armani, which pleasantly surprised me. Everyone who is interested Welcome!

I decided to purchase shadows after many positive reviews. I have a lot of shadows, and so I thought for a long time whether I needed it. Approaching the stand, I was struck by a wide selection of shades, my eyes were run up from such an abundance of beauty, and so I decided I would not leave without a purchase. All the same, I stopped at this shade, I don’t even know why, because I have cream shades of a Chanel of a similar color - Illusoire. But I do not regret buying
I have a shade of No. 3 Purpura. Shadows consist of 2 colors of gold and purple. When mixed, these shades merge into one - purple with a metallic tint. The tint shimmers and sparkles in any light. I put the shadow with my finger (it’s more convenient for me), but you can also brush it. I put shadows on the entire upper movable eyelid. The color is bright, intense, but the intensity can be adjusted from a very light grayish-violet hue to saturated violet. Shadows shade very easily. Shadows do not crumble. At the base they are as bright as without a base, but they stay with the base an order of magnitude longer. My eyelids are very oily, so any shadows without a base slide in an hour or two. Everything is much better with the base - these shadows can hold for 12 hours exactly. I have not a single shadow lasting so long. Other shadows usually roll down after 6 hours. The shadows are economical, and I have more than one year. For myself, I did not find any cons, it rarely happens to me. I decided that I would definitely buy other shades of this line. Eyeed pink and blue
Testing period: 5 months
Rating: 5 ++++
Cost: approx. 2000 p. (without discount)

Thanks to everyone who came