Peach and pink in an unusual eye makeup

Hello to all!
Today I want to show you one make-up that I liked on the Internet. Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly where I saw him ... Therefore, I will do as I remember ... I will do only in one eye, since this is a “test of the pen”
so, adjusting the eyebrow
I put the corrector under the eye and in the inner corner of the eye
in the crease of the eyelid, I draw a line with a brown pencil
draw strokes with the same pencil from the line up
I take a white pencil and paint over the entire moving eyelid
I take brown shadows, I have Jeans No. 250
I put the shadow with a small flat brush, holding the plane, up to the eyebrow
take peach shadows Jeans No. 252
I put them in the inner corner of my eye
take pink shadows Jeans No. 54
I put them in the outer corner of the eye, on the moving eyelid
I take white shadows and put them on the middle of the moving eyelid, between peach and pink tones
I bring the upper eyelid with black eyeliner to the area where the brown shadows begin
I return to the brown pencil and put it with short strokes on the lower eyelid
Now with a small brush for blending, I gather dark brown shadows and by brushing I bring them to the inner corner of my eye
I take beige shadows and put them under my eyebrow, blend the transitions. I also apply them to the lower eyelid to soften, thereby a brown shadow under the eye
I paint over the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a white pencil, capturing the corner of the eye
tint eyelashes

That's all. I hope you enjoyed my short post, thanks for your attention !!!

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