Matte or shiny? Eyeshadow Makeup

Something like an experiment comparing textures in makeup for those who ...

Hello, beauties!
It is believed that in the so-called “age” makeup, pearl textures should be avoided, and matte shadows should be used.
I decided to make a post to compare two make-ups made using different shadow textures.
Makeup is the simplest - a pink tint on a moving eyelid, brown in a corner and a crease.
I needed the following products:
1. Pink shades, both from Jean's, matte # 150, mother of pearl # 155.
2. Brown shades. Matte by Jean's # 258, mother of pearl from Oriflame palette Smoky beige.
3. Also needed white eye shadow under the eyebrow and in the inner corner. Took a matte from Jean's # 850, mother-of-pearl - VOV # 904.
4. Blush. For the first make-up I used the same pink shadows as on the eyelids. In the second - Shiseido RK304 blush.
5. Lipstick. I decided to leave the textures the same as in the shadows.
In the first - Rimmel Lasting Finish 070, in the second - pearly Guerlain Rouge Automatique # 162.

And here is the result of my efforts. On the macro, pearlescent makeup loses, emphasizes everything that is not necessary.
Option 1 - matte shadows.

Option 2 - pearlescent shadows.

Eyes in comparison:

In general, I think that both those and other shadows have a right to exist. In general, I like to mix textures in one make-up, on the moving eyelid I take something shiny, and in the corner and crease - matte.
Girls, what do you say about this?
Thank you to everyone who read and looked!
Regards, Nick.

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