Mascara L'oreal Volumissime * 5 Carbon Black

I don’t know how it turns out, but my posts about mascara are all negative. And this one will not be an exception. In principle, I found 2 carcasses that suit me, but one is quite expensive, and I regularly change the second, because I always want to try something new. But sometimes it’s new, such. We look at the pictures under the cut::
<<начну с="" кисточки.="" она="" напоминает="" большой="" ершик,="" но="" при="" этом="" не="" колючая,="" легко="" прокрашивает="" реснички.=""> .
The color of the carcass is really rich black. The consistency is cream, the smell is standard.
My eyelashes are long enough, but straight, light at the tips. Volume and separation were required.In one layer, the situation is still not so terrible: it is clear that the mascara slightly twisted the eyelashes, there is a hint of volume.and lengthening. At the same time, emerging clumps are visible from this angle:And in 2 layers full kapets begins: solid lumps, thick, untidy, matted eyelashes. And after 3 hours, this beauty falls under the eyes.

Of the advantages, I can note that mascara does not irritate the eyes and is easily washed off.
And so, a complete misunderstanding and disappointment.
Price: 87 UAH ($ 11)
Test period: About 5 weeks.