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Lush R&B Hair Moisturiser Reviews

Well, it's time to continue the story about my hair care products. Today it will be oils and indelible products. If you are interested, welcome!

I'll start, perhaps, with a wash. Here is what I use today:

1.Full product name:
Lush Revive & Balance Hair Moisturizer
Detailed opinion:
To my great regret, we do not sell Lash. I received this thing as a gift, which is immensely glad. Firstly, I really wanted to try something, and secondly, my hair liked it. Basically I use the standard method - I put a little bit on the tips after washing. I managed to overdo it with him only once, but in general I do not observe any "fat icicles" with this remedy.
The smell is rather sharp, but not unpleasant at the ends of the hair.
I tried to apply it as a mask before washing - this is where the smell got me, especially when applied at night. I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time (If you just walk a couple of hours before washing, it’s not so terrible, but still the smell interferes. But I really like the effect, it’s obvious with this application! When used as a non-wash, the effect is more gradual - the tips become softer and healthier, not so brittle.
I have been using the New Year regularly.
This remedy is also used as a night hand cream. I also tried it, I also liked it, but zaapah  
Rating:anyway 5
2. Full product name in English:
Belkosmex Gentle line Conditioner for dull and split ends with keratin and D-panthenol
Detailed opinion:
thanks to the Belarusian forums   So in my life I would not even think to buy this spray. But I read good reviews and ran to the store.
Keratin in it is in 4th place, panthenol in 5m. True, silicone comes even earlier, but it doesn’t scare me.
Apply it a little bit and on very wet hair. Otherwise, they become harsh. They say it’s all keratin) I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I use it and I like it - the hairs are shiny and not so fuzzy.
I also tried to apply at night, very abundantly, before washing.
Of the minuses - it has an unpleasant, somehow suffocating smell, I try to spray a couple of times and go to the other end of the room   On his hair, he does not stay at all, fortunately.
3. Full product name:
Thermal Shine Fluid Estel Professional
Detailed opinion:
This tool is criticized more than praised. And I decided to buy it. Well, seriously, when I read in the review “oily hair, turns into icicles” - 70-80% percent, which will be super to me. Although hair now, thanks to care, I would not call it dry!
I apply not so little - 2-3 full pressures on the dispenser, smear in the palms and along the entire length of the hair, without touching the very roots, and rub it harder into the ends.
His hair shines just super, and no signs of greasy!
I doubt the thermal protection, although I would like to. We generally have a problem to buy good thermal protection. Now I want to order from Strawberry something specifically for the iron, preferably in a spray. I am studying reviews.
4. Full product name:
Markell Professional Line Thermal Protection Spray Conditioner
Detailed opinion:
Also bought after reading the forums.
Then they wrote that there are cationic surfactants in it, and at the beginning, which means it can dry hair, especially with constant use.
Since then, I don’t know what to do with it. I use it from time to time, especially when I am guaranteed to need pleasant to the touch hair, a date   but I’m afraid to use constantly.
Unlike No. 2, you can sprinkle it as much as you like, well, not quite straightforward, but a lot. My styling is much easier - my hair is less fluffy.
Rating:I’m at a loss ... I’ll put a 5- for the effect, but I’ll probably not advise.
Now another part of the care, the most beloved and controversial, is hair oil.  
Here I will tell about my feelings, I will not advise anything at all, because Now there is a lot of discussion on this subject, to the extent that oils are harmful to hair.
I use them regularly for almost a year and a half, my hair definitely got better, and I almost managed to grow the desired length. We look at what I have today:

1.100% Parachute Coconut Oil
Everyone probably already heard about coconut oil) He is often advised to care for dry hair, although I have seen many disapproving reviews.
At first I made the oil myself from coconut flakes, then I brought the bottle from Kiev, and now we have this one on sale.
God, how it smells ... I'm just losing my mind  
Ukrainian smelled wrong, just a coconut. Although the effect of it was no worse.
The main thing I love coconut oil for is the smoothness of the hair. I put it almost always at night.
It hardens at a temperature of less than 25 ° C, it is easy to melt - I put the jar for a couple of minutes under hot water from the tap.
Rating: 5+
2. Apricot oil Galenopharm.
Also a gift, we do not have such a company.
This oil is extracted from apricot kernels (like peach). And I don't like the smell of either one or the other. Although he’s very, very weak.
This oil is of moderate severity, so to speak, that is, of medium nutritional value. It gives the hair a noticeable shine.
3. Granny Agafia’s Recipes Nourishing Hair Oil
These oils appeared recently in Minsk, were sold out by the moment, and I got a bottle.
I took it because it is based on burdock, which for the roots of hair and scalp, I just didn’t have anything like that. And the length is good. Also contains sea buckthorn oil, one of my favorites.
The smell is usual for Agafia, herbal.
I put it on the roots and the length is not more than an hour and a half or two, on the entire length - it can be done at night.
I want to try other oils from this series!
Rating: 5
4. Cocoa butter.
I ordered on the Internet.
It smells gorgeous too! Chocolate ...   And it looks like pieces of white chocolate, although it is better not to taste it)))
This oil is heavy, in effect it resembles castor oil. You need to apply it a little, and I also noticed an interesting feature - the effect is most noticeable on the 2nd wash after using the oil, even if you wash it with the simplest shampoo and kondeem.
I melt the butter in a hot water bath, or put it in a mug, and put it in a plate with boiling water. And it is still very thick, the same castor oil becomes more liquid when heated.
Rating: 5-
I rinse all the oils through an air conditioner, using an average of 1-2 per week.
I also like castor oil, avocado oil, sea buckthorn - the length, almonds and black cumin on the roots.
That seems to be all that I wanted to tell so far.
Any questions - I will answer with pleasure.

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